View Full Version : WTB Sand, Rosy, Rubber Boas or trade my corns

WTB Sand, Rosy, Rubber Boas or trade my corns

02-28-2012, 01:50 PM
Kenyan Sand Boa's WANTED
Albino's, Anerys (sub adult/adult females only) snows, striped, adult females, paradox genes.
Javelin Sand Boa's
Tartar Sand Boa's
Russian Sand Boas
Baja Rats
Rubber Boas

I have the following if anyone is interested in a trade. I would like to get rid of the group, as I am focusing on sand boas, rosys, and rubber boa's

0.1 Motley-adult
1.0 Creamsicle-adult
1.0 Normal WC-adult
0.1 Albino-adult
0.1 het albino, motley/stripe-adult
0.1 hypo het motley/stripe-adult
1.0 ghost stripe-adult
0.1 Normal het albino-adult
1.0 Bairds-adult
0.1 2011 bairds (father is male above)
1.0 2011 hypo everglades

all are adults and proven, proven hets. All have been brumated.