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Reptile Expos In Southern Ontario

Kiesha Nore
08-28-2004, 06:57 PM
I was wondering if anyone knows of any Reptile Expos that will be happening in Southern Ontario (or in the states, within a relatively short distance of the border), besides the one on Sept. 12th in Mississauga.

Also, whats the length of the average hatching season? Because I would like to get a corn snake that is still pretty young, but I may not be able to get one at the Sept. 12th show, and my dad is already really opposed to me getting a snake, I don't think he'd be willing to drive out to London to get one if we bring him around. I would just get Simon to ship one, but if I am allowed to get a corn, I would be on my own for paying for everything. I do have a job, but I would like to keep some money in reserve just in case, so I would rather not ship. Would there still be corns that are 1-2 months old for the Nov. 21 show? (Are you going to that show, Simon?)

08-28-2004, 08:57 PM

Well if you miss the Sept 12th show there should be another one in Nov. And yes I would be going to that one too. So even if you missed the Sept show you can still get me at the Nov 21st show.

I also sometimes come out to Toronto for business trips so I can also meet you in Toronto on the weekends too~

send me an email and we'll go from there~

Hope to talk to you soon!!