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Corn Snake Names

12-13-2006, 03:23 PM
I'm one that has alot of fun naming my corns.

Just curious to know everyone who wants to list them out, Names with the Morph that is named such and if you have a reason tell us why.

I look forward to all the responses :crazy02:

12-13-2006, 03:28 PM
I will go first because I am the most original!!

Classic Corn: Maizey

I think it's a pretty name- plus it's corn-related.


12-13-2006, 03:32 PM
Phinius - Amel
Raven - Okeetee
Jinx - Abbotts Okeetee
Ripley - Bloodred
Trixie - Charcoal (she's a "trixie lil' snakises" said in my best Golem voice)
Lazarus - Fire
Pandora - Bloodred
Zen - Granite
Penny - Hypo
Morpheus - Ghost (with lots of fun hets 'Morph'eus) :cool:
Kallisti - Golddust (Golden Corn, If you know the story behind Kallisti you'd see the connection)
Marge - Butter (Margarine) :rolleyes:
Gravy - Carmel Motley (CAUSE I LOVE GRAVY!) :grin01:
Riddick - Pewter (Spicy lil' fellow out of the cup, so named after a Bad A$$ Character, however after settling in he's a real sweatheart)
Bindi - Stripe (Bindy means Beautiful Serpent in German also Bindi, is Steve Irwins daughter)
Lefty - Anery Motley (named for Trevor)
Ruby - Flourecent Amel (Rubies are bright and shiney as is this snake)
Wrigley - Bubblegum Snow (Wrigley's Speariment Gum)
Frankenstein - Sunkissed

Non Corns:
Gryphon - Red Phase African House Snake
Sangria - Red Phase African House Snake (Sangria is Maroon)

12-13-2006, 03:34 PM
Marge- that's priceless!!


12-13-2006, 04:08 PM
LOL'ed at Marge!

My only (well first)...

Cecilia - motley amel, cause I had Simon and Garfunkel stuck in my head the day I got her.

12-13-2006, 04:10 PM
This might take awhile since I name all of mine, and of course they're often elaborate names with meanings behind them.; in no particular order (going down the racks)-

Mira - Female Okeetee phase; named after a star in the constellation Cetus, means 'wonderful'.

Blazon - Female amel; named after a painting by Brom.

Celaeno - Female anery stripe; named after a harpy from Greek Mythology, means 'The Dark'.

Malice - Female bloodred

Lichen - Female charcoal

Aestadammerung (Aesta) - Female anery; a combination of aestas (Latin for summer) and Gotterdamerung (the end of the world in Norse mythology), together to mean the end of summer.

Skoll - Female amel; named after the wolf in Norse mythology who will devour the sun at the end of the world.

Paimon - Male hypo snow; named after a demon of high power.

Cyprian - Female snow; means lord of the sun.

Collosis - Male amel; variation of the word colossus.

Gullveig - Female amel aztec; A sorceress in Norse mythology who loved gold, means 'Goldbranch'.

Wastenott - Female normal het bloodlav; from the saying 'waste not, want not'.

Grimm - Female aztec anery; from the word grim.

Phasma - Female ghost; Latin for ghost, spectre.

Fallon - Female anery lav; Celtic, meaning of a ruling family, decendent of royalty.

Chu'si - Female aztec; Native American meaning 'snake flower'.

Synder - Female caramel; variation of the word cinder.

Yin Shyr - Male zigzag; the pronounciation of the Chinese charactors for 'silver' and 'tongue'.

Wantnott - Male normal het bloodlav; from the other half of the saying 'waste not want not'.

Solar - Male anery; Latin for sun.

Alioth - Male anery; named after a star in the constellation Ursa Major, meaning 'Black horse/bull'.

Aquila - Male stripe; the constellation Aquila, meaning 'the eagle', and Aquilo, the Roman personification of the north wind.

Raiden - male het opal pewter; the Japanese god of thunder and lightning.

Voltaire - Male anery; named after a French writer, and a musician.

Sade - male het bloodlav; named after the Marquis de Sade, a French writer from where the word 'sadism' comes from.

Alukah - Female het hypo lav pewter; the earliest reference of a vampire, or 'blood-lusting monster'.

EppurSi Mouve - Male opal; named after a quote by Galileo, meaning 'nevertheless, it moves'.

Apoch - Male granite; first half of the word 'apocolypse'.

Calypse - Female granite; second half of the word ' apocolypse'.

Midian - female ultramel; from the bible, the land where Moses spent 40 years after fleeing egypt and before returning to lead the Israelites, means strife, judgement.

Demorial - male whiteout; named after a demon.

Torcher - male snow/snopal; combination of the word torch and torture.

Phailher - female snow; a made up word that goes with Torcher.

12-13-2006, 04:12 PM
I'll save the non-corn species for a later day...

12-13-2006, 04:13 PM
Oohh...I want to play...lol.

Clementine - female Miami phase
Casey - male Miami
Equinox - female Charcoal (Led Zeppelin theme)
Kashmir - male Charcoal (Led Zeppelin theme)
Zoso - female normal with hets (Led Zeppelin theme)
Ballentine - female Bloodred (Led Zeppelin theme)
Solstice - female Lavender
Prudence - female cubed normal (Beatles theme)
Jude - male Anery cubed (Beatles theme)
Sadie - female Anery zig-zag (Beatles theme)
Selene - female Silver Queen Ghost (goddess of the moon)
Endymion - male Ghost motley (Selene's mortal lover)
Ripley - male Caramel motley
Rio - female Caramel

Dax - female Grayband Kingsnake
Tumbleweed - female Trans Pecos ratsnake

12-13-2006, 04:16 PM
My names are listed in my signature.

Charlie was named because she was sold to me as a HE. I kept the man cause i liked it.

Wesley was name with Buttercup (blizzard),i bought as a pair. The names are from my fave movie The Princess Bride. Buttercup escaped and we never found her, so he needs a new girlfriend. :sobstory:

The rest I named because they were the first names that came to mind. :rolleyes:

12-13-2006, 04:18 PM
My names are listed in my signature.

Charlie was named because she was sold to me as a HE. I kept the man cause i liked it.

Wesley was name with Buttercup (blizzard),i bought as a pair. The names are from my fave movie The Princess Bride. Buttercup escaped and we never found her, so he needs a new girlfriend. :sobstory:

The rest I named because they were the first names that came to mind. :rolleyes:

Ok didn't catch that.... I wote man instead of name... :rolleyes:

12-13-2006, 04:56 PM
My corns (theme - gems, minerals, rocks):

Jasper - normal male (Jasper is often red or orange.)
Cinnabar - Amel maybe-male (Cinnabar is a red mercury ore)
Shale - Ghost maybe-female (Shale's a grey sedimentary rock)
Flint - Charcoal het Bloodred female(Flint is often clear grey)
Calcite - Coral Snow male (Calcite can be pink, orange or white)
Zircon - "Janery" Anery het opal stripe male (Zircon can be white or grey)
Mica - "Janery" Anery het opal stripe female (Mica can also be white, grey or black)

My rat snakes (overall theme: Mythicals + Irwin):
Siren - Leucistic Texas Rat female (because she called to me from the shop and I couldn't resist)
Irwin - Everglades Rat male '05 (First animal we got after Steve Irwin died)
Baz (short for "Basilisk") - Everglades Rat male '03 (Because "Baz" sounded right).

My Rainbow boas are Spectrum (M) and Iris (F), for their colours.

My leopard geckos are all named after astronomical stars.
My fat-tailed geckos are both named with Swahili names that mean "lizard" and "gecko".
Jareth, my crested gecko, is so named because he does one line from Labyrinth's song "Dance Magic Dance" ... namely "Jump, Magic, Jump"
Fionn is my Tokay, and if we ever get a male he'll be "Rob Anybody".
The slow worms are named after fairy-tale characters.
The giant European Glass lizards are Tananda and Chumley, from Robert Asprin's Myth series.

And last, but not least, the cats are named for characters in the Alien series - Newt and Jonesy (we did have a Ripley, but he moved out!)

12-13-2006, 04:59 PM
Oh, my, this is going to be long. I'll just list everybody and make it easy.

Achtung...creamsicle (see link here http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34291&highlight=achtung )
Aero...amel zigzag
Babushka...Russian ratsnake
Batou...BP (from Ghost in the Shell anime)
Beasley...classic poss het ghost bloodred (song by Pink Martini, see Samson)
Bella Luna...Honduran ratsnake het silver
Bruneaux...amel, my first snake (mother of Aero and Fydeaux)
Calcifer...amel mot
Chartreuse...snow with yellow borders
Cooper...creamsicle, father of Achtung
Cranberry...bloodred poss het ghost
Crone...blizzard, oldest snake I have at 13
Daffyd (davith)...classic mot (from Little Britain)
Dagger de Mort...amel het ghost (from Bleeding Edge Goth dolls)
Dallas...corn/bull hybrid (Texas bullsnake and my brother lives in Dallas)
Dandelion...amel het lav
Deliliah...locality Okeetee from Kathy Love
Deuel...Okeetee phase wide stripe aztec (named for Pete Duel, Deuel was the real spelling of his last name)
Diego...Ruthen's kingsnake
Dude...leopard gecko
Dune...Kenyan sand boa
Durango...classic (colours reminded me of the mountains of Durango, CO)
Elvis...desert phase Cali king
EMF...ghost (electromagnetic frequency, used in ghost hunting)
EVP...ghost (electronic voice phenomenon, also used in ghost hunting)
Flame...classic striped
Frankenstein...eastern chain kingsnake
Frau Blucher...BP (from Young Frankenstein)
Fuu...classic striped (from Samurai Champloo anime)
Fydeaux...amel with funky pattern
Gantz...butter (from anime called Gantz, watch it and look for the dog, you'll understand why I named a butter after the show)
Guadalupe...anery het amel (Our Lady of Whatever)
Haka...banded Okeetee (Japanese for family grave)
Hazel...caramel het butter
Hugo...classic (our biggest corn, he's huge-o, father of Aero and Fydeaux)
Hydra...Okeetee phase aztec
Igor...Russian ratsnake
Immaculata...anery het amel (she had little crosses on her sides)
Jetta...classic het snow (mother of Chartreuse, Guadalupe and Immaculata)
Kiowa...Emoryi (Native American plains tribe)
Leafe...sunkissed (named from Pretear anime)
Leela...grey band kingsnake (only has one eye, so she was named from Futurama)
Lil Iodine...classic stripe (my mother's nickname as a kid)
Lolita Mana...anery stripe (thought it was a girl so it got Lolita, but its a boy so it has both names, which in Japanese culture Mana is a type of acceptable cross dressing in rock stars)
Mahna Mahna...classic aztec (Muppets' song)
Matches...banded mot
Medusa...50/50 Cali king
Mercury...Baird's ratsnake
Motoko Kusanagi...classic poss het ghost bloodred (name of main character from anime Ghost in the Shell, get it? She's het for ghost.)
Myfanwy (mifanway)...classic mot (Little Britain)
Pinoko...classic het snow (named from Blackjack anime)
Pocky...reverse Okeetee (Japanese candy)
Princess...lav albino Cali king
Punkin...amel het lavender
Puppy...milksnake phase het snow
Rover...western hognose
Rusty...hypo bullsnake
Sakura...snow het lavender (Japanese for cherry blossom)
Samhain...red blotched kingsnake (think Hallowe'en)
Samson...classic poss het ghost bloodred (other half of the Pink Martini song, In the Gardens of Samson and Beasley)
Scorpio...bloodred poss het ghsot
Shimmer...snow stripe
Shiro...snow (Japanese for white, father of Chartreuse, Guadalupe and Immaculata)
Sneaky Snake...rootbeer het amel (Tom T Hall song)
Soba...Children's python
Thor...Kenyan sand boa
Tobin...banded mot (Ghostbuster's Tobin's Spirit Guide)
Toffee...caramel het butter
Togusa...redtail boa (my fave character from Ghost in the Shell, voiced by Crispin Freeman!)
Tortie...cinnamon emoryi/corn poss het mot, amel, anery
Ume...lavender het amel (Japanese for plum)
Zero...unknown morph, probably anery, maybe ghost?

12-13-2006, 06:12 PM
"Steve" Ghost male - (after Steve Irwin because the first thing I thought when I saw him as a baby was "he has khaki saddles!")

"Lydia" Ghost female - "Psalm of Lydia" my favorite song by Nevermore (if anyone knows what I'm talking about, that's really awsome! :cool: LOL)

"Ruby" female Love line Okeetee baby - duh...red saddles. Wasn't very thoughtful that day :rolleyes:

"Quinby" male Miami - Scandinavian for "living like kingship" because I've tried everything to make him as comfortable and happy as possible and to make his mice good enough for him cause he's so picky!!! (finally broke down and bought him an anole to scent)

"Tayki" female Miami - means woman in a Seminole language

"Jaegar" male w/c normal - means "one who hunts" in German...because he's wild and he really "hunts" his dead mouse! :)

"Clementine" female w/c normal with lots of red - Clementine is the official name of the color my grandma's VW Beetle was (her fav. car) and we always faught over whether it was orange or red.

12-13-2006, 06:26 PM
I don't usually name my snakes until I find a perfect name. I at least want something that fits really well.
Warning, this might be a bit long winded..

Baby Travis - Ghost (m)
I went "snake shopping" once I was ready for my first cornsnake and ended up with a ghost. The guy who sold me the snake's name was Travis. My roommate and I started calling the snake "Baby Travis" on the way back home. :rolleyes:

Kimerscoff - Motley het Butter (m)
Named by an ex boyfriend. My ex used to joke around about tricking people into thinking he had a russian foriegn exchange student staying with him. When people came over he'd say that "Kimerscoff" was off doing erronds or sight seeing. His dad owned a huge house though so I think people usually believed him. Or at least pretended to.

Hunt - Locality Okeetee (m)
Hehe, possibly the most uncreative name ever, named for the Hunt Club. I tried to go with "Hunter" but it didn't fit quite as well. He has a GREAT feeding responce as well, so also named for that. ;)

Tetris - Locality Okeetee (f)
She has a great part to her pattern that looks like someone's about to get a tetris.

Scarlet - Locality Okeetee (f)
*shrug* Just a pretty name that went well with her collors.

Copperhead - most likley Amel, hopefully Butter stripe/motley (m)
When I was looking at the pictures Tom sent me of the babies he had and drooling over them my boyfriends dad came in the room. Whenever he sees me looking at snakes he starts talking about the snakes he used to deal with when he was growing up in Arkensaw. Also, this guy's got a really light head right now. Maybe if I'm lucky it'll turn copper.. or at least orangy.

Cottonmouth - High White Reverse Okeetee (f)
Same story as above.
Minus the copper head, plus the cotton white color of her borders. :cool:

Bayonet - Caramel Mot (f)
Just 'cause

Non corn
Kai - Columbian RTB (m)
When I got him a friend who was with me suggested Kaa from the jungle book. I think the name is cool, but it's a python name! I have a co-worker named Kai and I've always thought the name was cool. After the Kaa suggestion my train of thought immediatly jumped to Kai.

Still unnamed!
1.1 Blood reds
I recently saw a post about someone's bloodred named Pomegranete. I wish I'd thought of it first because it's awesome and perfet consitering my female's het for Anery A!

1.1 Ultramel
I'll probably name these guys Haraku and either Naota or Canti. I'm not sure yet, I just got these two. Haraku seems like a fitting name for the female though because her colors are really bright and loud.

Hypo Honduran Milksnake
He's just too cool for an ordinary name and I can't think of anything spectacular yet.

Well, I think that's everyone.... :grin01:
I did have a little amel that I named Exclamation because he had an exclamation on his head pattern. Unfortunatly my cat got to him though. =(
I hadn't even noticed I had an escape. Even though he's very sadly not part of my collection any more I think he's worth a mention here!

PS: I absolutly LOVE the name Raven. I don't know what it is, it just sounds so pretty.
This is my Raven at the moment:

12-13-2006, 06:29 PM
Mine are here:

Snake Name Thread (http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/showpost.php?p=251151&postcount=136)

My bloodred was changed to Scarlett. I felt Garnet was too harsh sounding for such a sweet little snake. And the Amel het lav is Blaze.

12-13-2006, 09:52 PM
My current boy is named Hokie, after my alma-mater (VA Tech).

I lost Sterling and Hecate, both were Anerythristics. Sterling was an obvious name, and Hecate ("Cate" for short) was a name from mythology- some sort of demi-God with snakes for hair.

12-13-2006, 10:09 PM
But love her lots, she's a creamsicle

Kreme Korn-Snake :cool:

12-13-2006, 10:29 PM
I didn't know we could include the non-corns!

Choco- Coastal Cali King- looks like choc chip cookie dough

Inez- needed a Spanish name- totally stole it (with permission) from a MBK of the same name :-) Nelson's Milksnake

Addy- Eastern Hoggy- puffs up like a Puff Adder- their colloquial name

Zee- Tri Hoggy- He has some zigzag going on, including a perfect huge black Z on his spine. I sort of wanted a Z name, but couldn't narrow it down.


12-13-2006, 11:33 PM
I'm doing a hebrew mythology theme with my animals.

Samael - male Black Rat snake (Means 'Venom of God,' one of the angels that guards Eden.)

Belial (Formerly Ishtar - demon of fertility) - Male anery aztec (Angel of confusion and lust before the fall, also credited to be the father of lucifer)

And I'm hopefully getting a RTB around christmas, and I'll continue the theme with it's name most likely.

12-13-2006, 11:33 PM
J.D. - (Amel) my first snake, it stands for "Juris Doctor". At the time, I thought it'd be cute to name a snake after a lawyer's diploma.

Glutton - (Sunglow) self-named, was a chow hound from a hatchling.

Ansel - (Anery) in honor of the photographer Ansel Adams (http://org32.zorpia.com/0/2025/12962107.24f864.jpg).

Lili von Shtupp - (Hypo het Lav) my first "breeder bought" corn (from Serpwidgets and Hurley), she's named after Madeline Kahn's character (http://www.michaelkarmstudio.com/imagesWEB/Madlin-BS2.jpg) in the movie "Blazing Saddles".

Sangre - (Bloodred) from the Latin root for blood.

Odysseus - (Pewter) from the king of Ithaca in Greek mythology, of course.

Bubbles - (Normal het Pewter) taken from your archetypical "ditzy blonde".

Snake Mary - (Charcoal het diffused) a character from the Steely Dan song "Rose Darling" (http://www.steelydan.com/lyrkaty.html#track3).

Mr. Benchley & Mrs. Parker - (Lavender pair) they're named after jazz-era writers Robert Benchley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Benchley) (grandfather of the author of "Jaws", btw) and Dorothy Parker (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothy_Parker), members of the Algonquin Round Table (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algonquin_Round_Table).

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - (Opal) named after the former New York Knicks guard (http://www.nba.com/history/players/monroe_summary.html) and NBA Hall of Famer. Of course, opals used to be known as "Pearl Corns".

Emtarkanderundersgunderson - (Lavender) a tip of the hat to one of my favorite Homestar Runner (http://www.homestarrunner.com) Strong Bad email (http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail79.html) episodes.

Louise - (Opal) the protagonist from the Steely Dan song "Pearl Of The Quarter" (http://www.steelydan.com/lyrcountdown.html#track7); in the Steely Dan tradition, the lyrics are cryptic enough to suggest that Louise is a prostitute. (and again with the pearl references.....)

Phil Connors - (Hypo het Lavender and Charcoal) Bill Murray's character in "Groundhog Day"

Boon - (Hypo Lavender) because she's a "boon" to my breeding projects; I can skip a generation because of the addition of the hypo gene.

Nina & Simone - (Normals het sunkissed, charcoal, and diffused) clutchmate girls named after the jazz singer, Nina Simone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nina_Simone).

Anthracite - (Mexican Black Kingsnake) the purest "grade" of coal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthracite), known for its reflective sheen.

Faust & Marguerite - (male lavender, possible het diffused and hypo; female bloodred, possible het lavender and hypo) two characters from the "Faustus" legend (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faust) of a man who sells his soul to the devil, which I intended on doing once I got them, as I mentioned in this thread (http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=42114).

And of course, I have a boatload of names ready for some snakes. ;)


Mrs InsaneOne
12-14-2006, 06:24 AM
My corns (theme - gems, minerals, rocks):
You stole our theme!! :cry: :santa: (j/k)

I've posted my list on the other name thread, but there have been some changes, so I'll post them again here.

Most of the corns are named after rocks, minerals, and gemstones though there are a few that don't follow that theme for various reasons. Some of them are named for color, some for attitude, and some just because it sounded cool! lol. Those with an '*' are the ones that were added since I posted the last list. Be warned, it's a LONG list...

#4 - Ultramel (We haven't named her yet, that's Tim's job.),
#10 - Amel (Another one Tim will need to name.)
Agate - Normal,
Alexandrite - Blood,
Amethyst - Lavender,
Basalt - Abbott's Okeetee,
Beryl - Rootbeer,
Breccia - Hypo,
Brookite - Amel,
Brucite* - Normal,
Cassiterite - Blood,
Charcoal - Anery Something,
Copper - Amel,
Coral* - Normal,
Feldspar - Rootbeer,
Ferrite - Blood,
Flint - Ghost,
Galena - Anery Motley,
Garnet - Amel,
Gemstone* (Gem for short) - Normal,
Gimp - Caramel,
Granite - Aztec Normal,
Graphite - Anery Motley,
Gypsom - Snow Motley,
Helenite* - Normal,
Hematite - Blood,
Homer Crimson - Crimson,
Hope - Rootbeer,
Jasper - Sunkissed,
Kimberlite - Normal,
Kyanite - Miami,
Leucite - Ultramel,
Limonite - Caramel,
Malachite - Caramel,
Mercury - Blood,
Mica - Phantom,
Monster - Rootbeer,
Mr. Stone - Ultramel,
Nepheline - Ultramel,
Niccolite* - Hypo,
Obsidian - Anery,
Olivine - Normal,
Opal - Snow,
Pearl - Snow,
Pebbles - Amel Motley,
Pyrite - Normal,
Quartz* - Lavender,
Riverstone - Amel stripe,
Ruby - Amel,
Ryolite - Normal,
Sandstone - Reverse Okeetee,
Sediment - Amel Stripe,
Shale - Ultramel Anery,
Slate* - Anery Motley,
Sunstone - Rootbeer,
Topaz - Normal,
Tourmaline* - Lavender Motley,
Travertine - Caramel,
Vivianite* - Amel,
Wulfenite - Abbott's Okeetee,
and Zircon - Hypo.

The non corns are:
Dolly - Cali King,
Mom's Folly - Cali King,
Jane the Pain - Albino Nelson's Milk,
Thor - S.L. Potosi King,
Valkyrie - S.L. Potosi King,
and Freya - S.L. Potosi King.

That doesn't count the five hatchlings that are without names that we have up for sale.

Some of these next snakes were on our previous list, but have since been sold or they have passed on:
Cinnabar - rootbeer, Soapstone - snow hatchling, Monty - BP, Little John - BP, Runty - Amel hatchling, Un-named - snow hatchling, Citrine - Suspected Ultra, Carbon - Ghost, Sulfer - Butter, and Chert - Blood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now that the list is done, I'm going to go to bed and rest my weary hand. Even with the copy/paste feature that was a long list to sort.


12-14-2006, 06:49 AM
I loveit, Homer Crimson! And why do you call Jane "The Pain?"


Mrs InsaneOne
12-14-2006, 07:10 AM
I loveit, Homer Crimson! And why do you call Jane "The Pain?"

Yeah, Homer Crimson closely related to Homer Simpson! lol

I call Jane 'the Pain' because she musks all over the place nearly every time we pick her up and she decided that she wanted to brumate on her own and has been off feed for nearly 2 months. She's not losing weight, so we tuck her back where her temps won't drop too low and just change her water every now and then.

That and because it drives my daughter up the wall when I refer to her snake as being nearly as big of a pain as she is! lol. And Little Jane the Pain was a spur of the moment gift to our eldest around Easter of this year all because she fell in love with the 'Egg spot" on her tail and the Breeder knew me well enough to talk me into her.


12-14-2006, 08:14 AM
Are there any "normal" milksnakes?? They are so pretty- why can't they just act like ladies...


12-14-2006, 08:29 AM
my parents wouldn't let me get a snake so i got a percival's legless skink i named him legs cause he doesn't have any

12-14-2006, 08:52 AM
I had a Glass Lizard (no legs) that I named Russell. (What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs?)

And when I was a teenager I had a Three-Toed Boxie with a missing front leg, named Mr. Snyder after a HS teacher with one arm...Respectfully, of course! Gotta love science teachers!


12-14-2006, 10:12 AM
I have:

Basilisk: 99 Amel male, my very first snake! I call him Bask

Mandrake : 01 ball python male --I was very excited in the 2nd Harry potter when they had both mandrake plants and a basilisk

Iron: 05 bloodred male because of red rust

Raku: 05 caramel female if anyone knows what Raku is... a Japanese pottery stlye with amazing metallic glazes, I love the feric acid ones... I got her at the same time as Iron so it fit. (feric acid....iron....I'm a nerd)

CropCircles: 05 hurricane motley amel male..... he has nice circles. lol

Mimbrez: 05 hurricane motely amel female... same idea, mimbrez is a Native American style of animals and designs in circles

Freya: 05 crimson female, she has a golden tear drop on her neck, and the Norse Goddess Freya cried golden tear drops

Crasher: 05 Pewter female, I didnt name her but I loved it, Kat sold her to me, named after a character in I think it was Go Bots? Cant remember for sure, an 80's cartoon. I call her Crash

Kawaii: 05 Golddust motley female, also got her from Kat and kept the name. Means cute in Japanese (if I remember correctly)

Samhain: 05 hypo bloodred female, because she has autumn colors. Pronounced Sow-en it's another name for Holloween

Eowyn: 06 lavender female, from Lord of the Rings,

Agador: 06 lavender male, he is so pink, what else do you name a male, pink snake???

Polo: 06 lavender male, I used to have a rabbit named Polo, and I think it's still a cute name

Kraken: 06 butter motley male, named him after we saw Dead Man's Chest

More non corns:
Chimayo: male Mexican Hognose, after a town in NM

DeChelly: female Mexican Hognose, after a canyon in AZ (Prononced Dee-Chey)

Tamarisk and Saffron two female balls named after plants (because of Mandrake)

Druid, Gorgon and Midori, two kind of dark mythology-type names and my favorite alcoholic drink, LOL, Nicaraguan Boas

Lycan: 04 female bairds rat, named from Underworld

Q: 04 male bairds rat, named from Star Trek Next Generation (again I am a nerd)

FoxGlove: female beardie, named after the flower

SunDew: female beardie, named after the plant

Lava: male beardie, named because he is bright orange

Unagi: female beardie, named after my favorite sushi

Tusk: female beadie named after the Fleetwood Mac song

Marry and Pippen: D. auratus (poision dart frogs) Lord of the Rings

Snowball: female whipscorpion

Demos: tigerrump tarantula

Bubo: female cinimmon pearl cockatiel named after Athena's owl

Abi: female lutino cockatiel, named after Abby from NCIS

Bartelby and Loki: male cats, named from the movie Dogma

Reboot: male kitten named because he was brain damaged by a horrid little boy and his brain had to reboot to become a normal cat. And I love the cartoon. (computer nerd too)

And all my cockroaches are either named Munchy or Crunchy

Beothon Lover
12-14-2006, 12:06 PM
My theme tends to be books, mythology or in a foreign language

Serg- male Sunglow corn - named after a character in the the book Cold Fire by Tamora Pierce. Serg(in the book) was the the sleigh driver for the banacors

Nyxx- female Ball Python - named after the Greek goddess of the night and also means night

Maeve- female Albino Cal. King - from the books HawkSong,SnakeCharm, FalconDance, and WolfCry by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Maeve is character in the book who can shape shift into a white viper..all her descendent's can shift into white vipers as well

Loki- male Bearded Dragon - Norse god, a trickster. Instigated his brother Balder's murder

reptiles that have passed away:
Terra- female normal corn - Terra means "earth". she passed away on thanksgiving of this year.

Syfka- female yellow rat snake - from the book FalconDance by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Nani- female Albino Leopard Gecko - nani means "what" in Japanese, named her that because when i first had her i didn't wether she was a female or a male. nani in Hawaiian means "beautiful" so her name could go either way

Beothon Lover
12-14-2006, 12:11 PM
Oops!! frogot one of my non corns.

Divana- female Dumeril's Ground Boa - came from the siberian name Divan which means "beautiful" I just added an "a" on the end to make it sound more like a girl name...pronounced Dee-van-a

12-14-2006, 12:21 PM
Hehehe Monty (ball) Python. I wonder if there are as many of those as there are Maizey corns. Made me laugh!


Bobo's Mama
12-14-2006, 12:46 PM
My corn names aren't all that creative, but I love them.

Bobo Valdez--my amel, I just call him Bobo, but the full name came from this funny name I found while working through a bunch of old files and records.

Skizzard--my normal, because he has a pair of scissors on his head, plus lizzard, so scissors + lizzard = Skizzard! well, not really, but kind of, :rolleyes:

Rosy--my Opal, because of her coloring, plus her head pattern kind of looks like 2 roses in a vase.

Gladys--my Black Milksnake, named after Gladys Knight, the African-American singer.

Doug--my Anery-Lavender, I didn't name him, but didn't want to change his name because he was already 5 years old when I got him. So Doug's name stayed the same.

12-14-2006, 01:03 PM
Here are mine...

Coco- female jungle, named her coco because it looks like she has coco beans all over her back

Spot- Male jungle, he has 3 small dots on his head (unique head pattern)

Gandolf- Male normal, Named him gandolf cause hes the oldest of all the other snakes and hes the most sweetest snake ever! (reminds me of an old humble man.. lol)

and my newest corn 2006 male Jungle, i named him eclipse!

Roy Munson
12-14-2006, 01:23 PM
Here's my list:

Abigail Normal Originally thought to be male. Originally named Abraham.
Agatha Hypo-Blood From Rich Hume's "Mystery" clutch
Alexei Kisatchie Named after Alexei Vronsky from "Anna Karenina"
Anna Kisatchie Named after Anna Karenina from "Anna Karenina"
Beatrix Blizzard Alliterative (but also from "Kill Bill")
Belinda Baird's Rat Snake Alliterative
Big Earn Upper Keys Antagonist from "Kingpin"
Bill Blizzard Alliterative (but also from "Kill Bill")
Brenda Bloodred Alliterative
Brett Butter Stripe Named after Brett Ashley from "The Sun Also Rises"
Bruce Bloodred Alliterative
Byron Baird's Rat Snake Alliterative
Carmen Caramel Mot het Amel Resembles morph name
Carol Striped-Blood het Anery Named after Carol Brady from "The Brady Bunch"
Christie Lavender From Rich Hume's "Mystery" clutch
Consuela Mexican Black Kingsnake Spanish sounding name
Corina Snow het Hypo Resembled morph name when I thought she was a coral snow
Daisy Florida Kingsnake (Lav-Albino) Named after Daisy Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby"
Elaine Sunkissed Okeetee Striker's girlfriend in "Airplane"
Estefani Miami het Hypo Spanish sounding name
Florence Lava-Caramel (poss. het Amel, Mot) Named after Florence Arizona from "Raising Arizona"
Galadriel Ghost Alliterative (also from Tolkien)
Gelinda Ghost Alliterative (also from "The Wizard of Oz")
Gil Ghost het Amel Alliterative
Gloria Hypo het Blood First thing I thought of
Gwen Ghost Alliterative
Hal Hypo-Lav Alliterative
Hedda Hypo-Blood het Anery Alliterative
Helen Hypo-Lav Alliterative
Holden Hypo-Blood het Anery Alliterative
Hydi Hypo-Blood Alliterative
Inez Mexican Black Kingsnake Spanish sounding name
Jake Butter Stripe Named after Jake Barnes from "The Sun Also Rises"
Julie Emoryi Brown snake named after comedienne Julie Brown
Kal California Kingsnake (Lav-Albino) Well, he's a Cali
Leroy Emoryi Brown snake named after Jim Croce's Leroy Brown
Lil Lav het Amel Mot Alliterative
Marcus Rosy Boa Named after Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor and Stoic)
Maria Mexican Black Kingsnake Spanish sounding name
Melbourne Amel Mot het Lav Resembles morph name.
Mike Granite het Stripe Named after Mike Brady from "The Brady Bunch"
Miss Claudia Upper Keys Roy Munson's "love interest" (sort of) from "Kingpin"
Nathan Lava (poss. het Caramel, Amel, Mot) Named after Nathan Arizona from "Raising Arizona"
Paul Pewter Alliterative
Paula Pewter Alliterative
Pedro Mexican Black Kingsnake Spanish sounding name
Poison Anery Has "skull and crossbones" saddle
Portia African House Snake Fast snake (wordplay on Porsche)
Racer African House Snake Fast snake
Roger Abbott's Okeetee Named after Roger Murtaugh from "Lethal Weapon"
Sherlock Butter het Blood From Rich Hume's "Mystery" clutch
Sonny Crockett Love's Miami From "Miami Vice"
Striker Sunkissed Okeetee Behavioral (also from "Airplane!")
Ursula Ultra Caramel het Motley Like the name (?)
Valerie Anery-Lav Semi-anagram of morph
Venus Love's Okeetee Love-- Venus-- get it?
Violet Lav-Blood Color of snake (sort of). Also daughter from "The Incredibles"
Vlad Lav-Blood Semi-anagram of morph
Zara "Z" (50% poss. het Hypo, Amel) "Z" name
Zelda Upper Keys het "Z" "Z" name
Zod Upper Keys het "Z" "Z" name (also leader of trio of Kryptonian villains from Superman)

12-14-2006, 02:22 PM
I _never_ would have figured out Gladys the MBK. Hehehe.

Like the semi-anagrams, Dean!


12-14-2006, 03:00 PM
Fin Fang Foom - a little miami. Named for an old comic book character, a dragon who shows up mostly as an iron man villan. I like calling him FinFang.

Gagargamel the Merciless - combination of Gargamel, from the smurfs, and Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. (and Gar was a bunny, but since I don't have a long list of snakes like some addicts here, I'm counting him in as well).

: D

12-14-2006, 07:13 PM
Ok...here we go.

Suzie - female ghost, first female as an adult from Jonathan for Christmas
Slink - male Miami, our third corn
Sunny - female sunglow (kinda), awesome breeder too
Og - male flourescent, named by my dad (O.G. - Orange Guy)
Sugar - female Miami motley
Soleil - female flourescent, means "sun"
Star - female stripe, I love stripes...she's the star
Spaz - male sunglow motley, he was always spastic when he was younger (still is kinda)
Sweetheart - female ghost, the sweetest snake we have, although she gives a little tail rattle every now and then
Shadow - male normal, our second corn
Selena - female anery
Snickers - female "caramel" (ghost?), Snickers goes with caramel but I'm not about to change her name
Sunshine - female Miami - very orangey
Worm - male vanishing anery stripe, literally looked like a worm when he was a hatchling
Diablo - male classic, the devil snake we picked up in Daytona
Sydney - female anery het hypo we produced last year (I like the name)
Jack - male quad het (amel, caramel, charcoal, hypo) from Zach...goes with sisters Jill and Jane below
Jill - female quad het ... goes with Jack (and Jane)
Jane - female quad het ... goes wtih Jack (and Jill)
Snowball - male snow (I blame Jonathan for this one)
Flora - female diffused lavender
Fiolette - female diffused lavender
Fonzie - male het diffused lavender, kept with the "F" names
Zeus - male bloodred, only male we bought from Kathy at the time
Charm - female Miami
Sofia - female anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
London - female anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Rome - female anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Mickey - male anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Edinburgh (Eden) - female anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Milan - female anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Goofy - male anery het hypo lavender, goofy head pattern (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Paris - female anery het hypo lavender (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Thing 1 - male anery het hypo lavender, one spot on his head (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Thing 2 - male anery het hypo lavender, two spots on his head (Siblings, girls are cities, boys characters)
Sandi - female butter (I was saving that name for a butter)
Sahara - female butter (was saving this name too)
Pandora - female snow stripe, I love this name too and it fits her perfectly
1009* - female flourescent
1010* - female flourescent
2020* - female snow het motley
2024* - female snow het motley

Jasmine - female boa
Princess - female boa
Baby - female boa, the first boa and we had to be cliche and name her this
Abu - male boa going with the semi-Aladdin theme

Fluffy - male BP, already named when we got him
Betty - female BP, Flinstones theme
???* - female BP, needs a name
Fred - male BP, Flinstones theme
Aurora - female BP, loved the name and spoiled the snake
Zoey - female BP

Stumpy - male western hognose, really short compared to our corns and boas
Lizi - female western hognose, name was close to Nozi's
Nozi - female western hognose, named because of their upturned nose
Sir Hiss - male western hognose, if you breathe he hisses at you
1003* - female western hognose

Merlin - male albino burmese python, I named him so we could keep him

Rosie - male albino prairie kingsnake, already named
Ada - female albino California kingsnake, already named

Anything with a * means they're not named yet (but I got some good ideas from this thread).


12-14-2006, 08:10 PM
Boy,... I feel out of place.
I only have two snakes. :cry:
Lenny.... amel
Lemon... butter

Tom Tuttle
12-14-2006, 08:26 PM
Well mine don't have any names other than the specific morph / hets, Sex, #.
For example male #02 Bloodred/ het charcoal. I have too many to bother naming them. :cheers:

12-14-2006, 09:42 PM
This is going to take awhile...
Ash - 0.1 Black Milk, "Ash to ash, dust to dust, fade to black....."
Bean - 1.0 Ball Python, Bean Ball :grin01:
Blayne & Zayne - 0.2 Lavender Aztecs, fits with the rhyming Lav names
Blue - 1.0 Pastel Motley, has steel blue background color
Chiana - 0.1 Ghost Stripe, the same color,(minus the yellow), of the sci-fi character.
Crazy - 0.1 Banded, pre named
Daid - 1.0 Banded, short for Daideirro, (Jap. Orange)
Desmond & Molly - 1.1 Bairds Rats, pair named after Beatles song couple
Gargamel & Azriel - 1.1 Emoryi Rats, Smurfs... Azriel was pre named
Indigo & Azure - 1.1 Dilute Corns, shades of blue
Juneau - 0.1 pos het Ice Motley, named after a glacier
Legacy - 0.1 Banded, pre named
Luna - 0.1 Silver Queen, named after the moon Goddess
Malice - 1.0 Normal, hets unknown, fits with future mate Sssscorn
Mean Mr Mustard & Polythene Pam - 1.1 Sunkissed Okeetees, (Beatles again...)
Pele - 0.1 Fire, named after goddess
Poncho & Roja - 1.1 Nelsoni/Albino Nelsoni, spanish for cloak and red
Pumpkin - 0.1 Hypo High Orange Floridana, pumpkin orange
Rayne - 1.0 Lavender Motley, Purple Rayne :grin01:
Rock - 1.0 Granite, a rock.... :shrugs:
Rose Madder - 0.1 Albino Thayeri/Ruthveni, mate to Steven the King :cool:
Savo - 1.0 het Lava Lavender, volcano
Scully - 0.1 Anery Motley, X files....
Shade - 0.1 het Anery, Hypo, and Lava, Ice ghost project
Shadow - 0.1 Normal het Anery, Hypo, and Lava, Ice ghost project
Smoke & Fire - 1.1 Pyro/Tarhumara intergrades
Spelter - 1.0 Pewter, title of a pewter craftsman/worker
Spirit - 1.0 Anery het Hypo and Lava, Ice ghost project
Spite - 0.1 Candy Cane, fits with Malice and Sssscorn....
Sssscorn - 1.0 Amel, best suggestion from online poll...
Steven - 1.0 Scarlet King, because Stephen King would be obvious :rolleyes:
Tangerine & Marmalade - 1.1 Bairds Rats, named after Beatles song, (Lucy in the Sky...)
Veyne - 0.1 Hypo Bloodred, my version of blood vein...
Vutusuala & Voghala - 1.1 het Lava, Charcoal, Bloodred, Anery & pos Anery, Boiling mud pots, and hot springs from Savo volcano....
Zapper - 1.0 Striped Cali King, fits Cali Kings Z theme...
Zenith - 0.1 Albino Lavender Banana Cali King, Z theme
Ziggy - 1.0 Aberrant Ruby-eyed Lavender het Chocolate Cali with zig zag pattern
Zim & Miz - 1.1 pos het Z....
Zipper - 0.1 Aberrant Cali with zipper pattern

yet to be named....
1.0 High Orange Floridana, (two more meals before naming).
0.1 Hypo High Orange Floridana, (two more meals before naming).
1.0 pos het Lavender Motley Ultra or Amel, (maybe Uly)
0.1 het Lavender Motley, pos het Caramel, Amel or Ultra, (maybe Uma)

12-15-2006, 12:32 AM
Oh geez here we go LoL

Amon - albino blood red, named after my fav black metal band amon amarth

Loki - ghost, a corn I found at my old work so very tricky

Kitana - albino (my first) just like the weapon beautiful but a fighter

Jira - blood red, it's african for blood god and giver of life

Rogue - motley anery, likes to be alone, and the BF loves the chick that plays Rogue on x-men haha

Osiris - motley sunglow, we thought she was a boy but bright like the sun

Lilly - lavender, self explainitory

Kivi - miami, means shy and she was trevors shy girl

Onni - candy cane, means like stone she's got "spirit"

Moon - butter, her mom was JM's fav butter, Neferititi, who got egg bound and didn't make it, so I named her Ankhesenamon, moon for short haha.

Mars - sunglow, from our first clutch, she's as red as the planet

Franky - sunglow, Mar's sister, Tim comes up with some funny names.

Azazel - albino, also Mars and Franky's sister, she hatched on 6-6-06 so I named her after a demon

Runt - anery?, no clue what he is lol. from our second clutch and he so small it's cute!

Sinatra - "anery t" lol, got blue eyes enough said

Fredricka - another "anery t"ask Tim, he's random

Tony - Miami, I'm cuban he's a miami...Tony Montana, anyone get it?

Rafici - hypo, another ask Tim thing. After the baboon in Lion King

Lee Lo - butter motley, beautiful and intriging like the character in 5th element

Trinity - carmel motley, nickname in high school cause of the Matrix

Isis - striped amel, to be honest because EVERYONE has a snake named Isis lol

Spike - possible striped blood red, it fits don't know why another "let's ask Tim"

Big League - bubblegum, remember that stuff?

Bazooka - bubblegum. enough said.

We have a beautiful yellow snow and Tim wants to name her Piss. I DONT THINK SO!!!


Danny - leopard gecko, he was a breeder for Nancy Wheat @ tangerinegecko.com and his damn was Dancy. Enough said.

Button - hypo baldy tangerine gecko, because she's cute as a button!

Liz - leopard gecko, I adopted her from Petco and she had the name Lizzy. Liz sounded better

Ricky - mojave ball python...keep reading

Lucy - mojave ball python gee who came up with these names? LoL

Ethel - normal ball python, YAY for I love Lucy!

Frejoles - MBK, yeah that's right bean.

ZOI - Shepard mix, cute name just like her personality

I think I might have forgot someone??

12-15-2006, 12:45 AM
Man my names ROCK!!!!
and piss is a great name :crazy02:

12-15-2006, 10:08 AM
one of my daughters named our adult corn Tiaga, the baby we have now we are still trying to figure out a name for it, after 2 MONTHS!.....lol

Mrs InsaneOne
12-15-2006, 09:24 PM
Man my names ROCK!!!!
and piss is a great name :crazy02:
Piss only works if you have a pair and call the other one Vinegar...


12-15-2006, 10:04 PM
Piss only works if you have a pair and call the other one Vinegar...


I could arange that :crazy02:

Mrs InsaneOne
12-15-2006, 10:20 PM
I could arange that :crazy02:
I'll expect to see pics of Piss & Vinegar soon then! lol

12-15-2006, 11:24 PM
..sigh... this won't take long.

The first one was Lady G.... because she was a ghost :D

My hypomel is Kieran, because I love all things Celtic.

My daughter is in charge of naming the new Sunglow motley since she claimed her, but hasn't had any luck... last I heard she was thinking of Norma Jean or Avalon. I keep suggesting Celtic names, but haven't had any lucky finding one she likes... sigh...

12-16-2006, 05:24 PM
Piss only works if you have a pair and call the other one Vinegar...


Jenn you're encouraging him!!! lol. I'm not having a snake named Piss

12-16-2006, 06:03 PM

Vincent - Anery, My first ever snake, named after Vincent Leonard Price Jr Who narrated in Tim burtons first ever stop motion animation. One of my favourite actors and directors combined!!!

Tallulah - Normal poss het blood, Its a boy but I couldn't bring myself to change his name after he was sexed... poor wee mite has a complex.

Scarlett - Sunglow motley, Pre-named when I bought her but it suits her.

Lacey - Lavender, Pre-named also however alteration is always catchy so it stayed too!

Banded - Crimson het lavender and anery, There was debate over his pattern and so it stuck.

Esme - Normal poss het blood. Of french origin it means adored... speaks for itsself!

Panther - Coral snow (multi het), Hes a beast of a boy (pre named the pink panther but that was too slooshy for him)


Windsor - Normal, How much more royal can his name get :rolleyes:

Amélie Poulain - Normal, The little french girl... Although shes not french, shes a little girl and named after the starring role in one of my fav ever films.

Sir Gnarly Shagalot - Pastel, Hes evil duh.. and I'm sure you can work out the last part!


Sweetheart - Common BCI, Shes an absolute sweetheart. The nicest disposition of any snake I have ever kept!

Estelle - Kubsch pastel dwarf, stemming from the Latin word stella, meaning star - my favourite shape.

Rose - Pastel 100% het albino, Shes pink... duh!

Sandie - Kenyan sand boa, :rolleyes:

Other colubrids

Sweetpea - Philodryas Baroni, Shes sweet and is green :shrugs:

Hogweina - Western Hoggie, Originally elf... But she needed a more robust name as she tripled her weight in a month and became and evil wee bitch!

12-16-2006, 07:10 PM
Sunny - Butter Motley
Rusty - Amel Striped
Smoky - Hypo Lavender
Purlie - Opal
Barbie & Ken - Coral Snows

The names are meant to represent the color of the snake, obviously.

Mrs InsaneOne
12-16-2006, 11:35 PM
Jenn you're encouraging him!!! lol. I'm not having a snake named Piss
I couldn't help myself, it was too funny not too...


12-17-2006, 06:13 AM
My adult normal, is named Tiaga. My daughter named her 4 yrs ago when I got her for my girls for christmas. We have a baby that we've had about 2 months and have yet to come up with a name for it. Niether one do we know the sex of. We just call Tiaga a she cause we liked the name ....lol

12-18-2006, 01:22 AM
I couldn't help myself, it was too funny not too...


Oh just you wait, I'll get you back for this *waves fist in air*

12-18-2006, 01:29 PM
Okay, what the heck!


Baron von Dorfer II - hypo male
Blair - unknown male (presumably hypo het motley)
CC - crimson male
Chaos - creamsicle male
Desdenova - anery female
Flamingo - blizzard female
Ginger II - amel motley female
Glyder - anery het hypo (female?)
Kid Charlemagne - ghost ?
Mimi - pastel ghost motley female
Orion - reverse okeetee female
Popcorn - butter (female?)
Sienna - amber female
Snowball - snow ?
Starfire - vomitmel male


Albert Flasher - albino black rat ?
Dorian - grey x black rat ?
Mellow Yellow - yellow rat male


Bandit - ruthven's king ?
Cheech - mexican milk snake male
Dakota - arizona mountain king female
Aston - florida king male
Gene - florida king male
(unnamed) - axanthic florida king male (if he eats he shall be called Nightwing)
And the "J' girls, all female florida kings
Juanita - high orange

Last but not least

Pinocchio - western hognose (male?)
Until my next trip to the pet shops.......... :wavey:

12-18-2006, 10:29 PM
Jenson - sunglow motley male corn: Named for the British F1 driver Jenson Button who is fast...but not quite fast enough. Jenson the snake is the same - slithers fast, but not fast enough to get away. =D

Cleo - normal female ball python: A nod to the etomology of python regius, that Queen Cleopatra would "wear" ball pythons around her wrists. Cleo the snake has a palatial enclosure and certainly treats us like staff.

Carmen - normal female Surinam BCC: A combo meaning for Carmen Miranda, a Spanish name and "red" to go with her killer red tail.

05-29-2007, 07:39 PM
Mango-hypo amel stripe
Cherry-Amel stripe

05-30-2007, 05:05 PM
Not all of mine are cornsnake names, but this is in the "chit chat" section so I don't feel bad about going a little off topic. Besides, they're pretty multi-purpose names (although the corn names aren't all that creative).

Corns: Big Daddy Normal, Birdeater (see thread (http://www.cornsnakes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50817&highlight=snakes+birds)), Snow Baby, Mama Snow, Little Normal. (The rest are unnamed. We were planning to go with an X-Men theme for corns, but I guess we never got around to it.)

Ball Pythons: Prada (m), Sushi (f)

Birds (past and present): Barbaro, Opie, Norma, Chopper, Cheerio, Marty, Puck, Pixie, Plucky, Petrie, Ducky, Spike, Cera, Cricket, Mushu, Meany, Bitey, Piglet

Dog: Tito

Other Miscellaneous Names: Sugar, Lola, Cookie, Romeo, Junebug, Snickers, Skippy, Annie, Butterbean, Chomper

05-30-2007, 05:25 PM
I've never named any of my Cornsnakes, have too many...However...

Boa Constrictors

Gracie (Kahl Albino)
Doc (het Kahl Albino)
Agro (Hypomelanistic)
Lillian (Pastel)
Isabella (het Stripe)
Daisy (het Stripe)

Frilled Lizard

Little Buddy

Leopard Geckos

Augustus (Tangerine Bell Albino)
Piper (Jungle Bell Albino)
Monty (Tremper Hybino)
Pumpkin (Tremper Hybino)
Peaches (Tangerine Tremper Hybino)
Streak (Tangerine Tremper Stripe)
Topaz (Tangerine Tremper Jungle)
Glacier (Mack Snow)
Frost (Mack Snow)
Daytona (Stripe)
Jupiter (Jungle)
Charm (Stripe)
Jinx (Stripe)
Scooby (Patternless)
Button (SHTCT)
Angel (Stripe)
Pru (PTOR)

Western Hognose


Ball Pythons

Conrad (Pastel)
Kira (Pastel)

06-03-2008, 11:43 PM

Rat Snake:


08-24-2009, 04:18 PM
I know i sound like an emo, saying this. But i'm not. I didn't have a clue what to call my corn snake. After all i'm only 12. I'm going to change alot in the next few(I say few and I mean around 20) years. But all my life, for as long as i can remember i have had some kind of curse on me. I have always been "Jinxed". But now that I come to think of it, today has been the complete opposite, because i got an amel corn snake, something I have wanted a long time. I have decided to call my snake Jinx. As the day i got her/him was the day i saw the sun. Anyway. I'm going to stop souning like a depressing person now.

Personally I like names that have meanings. Like mine. Make up your own meanings or look up some "Latin" meanings, (latin really gets to me):D. :idea:...wait:nope: sometimes I really am blonde.

http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/latin-phrases.html It isnt the best latin website.

http://www.name-meanings.com/latin_name_meanings.php That one is relly good.

Anyway, need to talk to me? Need advice? Or just want to get to know me? Email me;) angeljordy666@hotmail.co.uk (rubbish i know but i wont eat you(;)

06-07-2010, 10:14 PM
In order that I got them:

Toruk-(Avatar)-10 month old male (?) (from Bloodred X Tangerine Sunglow)
Tsu'Tey-(Avatar)-2 yr old male Anery
Sahara-(means Inca gold)-1.5yr old female Butter
Tikaani-("wolf")-9 month old female Hypo Zig Zag
Kachiri-(vampire from Amazon coven from Twilight series)-1 wk hatchling (unk) hypo
Felan-("small/little wolf")-1wk hatchling (unk) normal
Avalanche-(for snow & my fave hockey team)-1wk hatchling(unk) snow
Weasel-(I have ferrets, had to have a "weasel")-1wk hatchling (unk) Anery
Raven-(black)-1wk hatchling (unk) Anery
Neytiri-(Avatar)-4yr(ish) old female Sunkissed Okeetee
Selene-(vampire from Underworld)-2(ish) yr old female Miami Phase

06-07-2010, 10:24 PM
Jake the snake (the miami, did it because it rhymed and I liked it)
Missy the amel (couldn't think of a name and thats what I kept calling her so it stuck)

06-07-2010, 11:17 PM
I only have two corns so I'll just go ahead and list all my snakes. Gonna include Snakewhisperer(Brandon)'s too because I helped name some :P

Drake - Amel corn (means "dragon" and I like dragons)

Lyra - Lavender corn (After the character Lyra in His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman)

Bella - Hog Island boa (because it means "beautiful")

Norbert - BRB (After the dragon in Harry Potter)

Veil - Ghost milk snake (Because its "evil" with the letters rearranged. Veil is VERY bitey and likes to fling poo all over whoever picks him up)

Jasmine - Ball python (Brandon named this one)

Ovid - Ball python (Brandon's name choice)

Luna - White-sided rat snake (Because the moon is white in a black night sky)

Aphrodite - Normal motley corn (Brandon's name)

Sandy - Sand boa (Brandon's name choice....so lame XD)

Ares - Tangerine honduran milksnake (Brandon's choice)

Athena - Albino tangerine honduran (Brandon's choice)

Sebastian - Black rat snake (Because I liked the name Sebastian at the moment.)

Asmodaeus - Red tail boa (After the snake in the Redwall book series by Brian Jacques.)

Baliss - Pygmy rattlesnake (After the other snake in the Redwall series, decendant of Asmodaeus.)

Not snakes, but...

Zeddicus (Zedd) - Bearded dragon (After Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander in The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.)

Oliver - Bahman anole (He was an olive green color when I got him.)

Oro - Gold tree frog (Oro means gold in Spanish.)

Phoenix & Pyro - Firebelly toads (Obvious association with fire.)

Basil - Dwarf rabbit (After Basil Stag Hare in the Redwall series.)

Genevieve - Dwarf rabbit (Because she is white with blue eyes so I felt she needed a girly name.)

06-08-2010, 01:27 AM
I have King Crimson the hypo and Jackie Onasis the anery.

06-15-2010, 03:44 AM
Repost for edit...

In order that I got them:

Toruk-(Avatar)-'09 Classic/Normal male
Tsu'Tey-(Avatar)-'08 Anery male
Sahara-(means Inca gold)-'08 Butter female
Tikaani-("wolf")- '09 Hypo Zigzag female
Maicoh-(Navaho-"wolf")- '10 Hypo male
Avalanche-(for snow & my fave hockey team)- '10 Snow male
Weasel-(I have ferrets, had to have a "weasel")-'10 Anery male
Raven-(black)-'10 Anery female
Kaia-(Scandinavian "pure")- '06? Classic/Normal female
Selene-(vampire from Underworld)- '08? Okeetee female
Kachiri-(vampire from Twilight-Amazon coven)- '08? Miami Phase female
Neytiri-(Avatar)- '09 Amel. female

10-17-2010, 01:53 PM
I don't know what to name my snake.


10-17-2010, 02:01 PM
We can help!

10-17-2010, 02:02 PM
I don't know what to name my snake.


Are you looking for suggestions? What morph is it?

04-15-2012, 01:49 AM
This is a really awesome post!

I do not have a theme for my names..I just thought they were good ones...

Diamond-Anery Female-I thought she had the shape of diamonds on her sides when she was a hatchling..

Zoe-normal female-I just like that name.

Rose-Normal female- my niece named her because she thought she looked like a rose..:)

Bindi- Amelanistic male-named him after Steve Irwin's daughter, didn't know he was he until much later.

Kasper-Silver Queen Ghost corn-male- named him because he is a ghost corn-from the movie Casper.

Ivory-Snow corn-male- only recently found out Ivory is a boy but love the name so I'm keeping it.

Mercury-Hypo corn. Just thought it would be a good name.

04-15-2012, 01:52 AM
I didn't realize it was an older post but since I brought it up to the forefront now, I need help naming one of the hatclings that I decided to keep from Zoe and Kasper's clutch. She is a either a very pretty anery or a charcoal I'm not sure, but she has some nice markings on her sides. Any suggestions would be awesome!

04-15-2012, 07:23 PM
Well, I decided on a name for the little hatcling I decided to keep. I'm naming her Shadow. She's really pretty and I love that name. Here are some updated pics of her. She hatched March 15 2012 so she is just a month old today.

01-13-2014, 04:34 PM
Grimm - male bloodred stripe
Shadow - female pewter
Elvis - male dilute anery motley
Chimaira - female anery tessera
Venom - male low pied BR
Mayhem - female high pied BR
Cabal - male amel zag-tec
Baphomet - female amel zag-tec
Phoenix - female sunkissed motley
Scarlett - female dilute motley

Need names for
Female ultramel
Female reverse okeetee
Any suggestions?