View Full Version : Wanted: Female Hypo Brooksi

Wanted: Female Hypo Brooksi

11-12-2008, 03:16 AM
I am looking for a female Hypo Brooksi Kingsnake....preferably a yearling or older, but I'm open to 08s as well. Let me know what you have.

Christopher Feenan
11-12-2008, 09:03 PM
David -

I have exactly what you need. I paid $65 each for a pair of hypo Brooksi in 2007. They are close to two years old now. I have far too many snakes, and need to sell whatever I can. I have attached a photobucket link that includes several pics of the female. She weighs 177 grams and is 30-33 inches long. There is a pic of a container on the scale indicating that the container weighs 82 grams. Then, the snake is in the container and it weighs 259 grams, so the snake alone would weigh 177 grams.

She has never been fed heavily at all. These guys are crazy eaters and will grow like weeds if fed well. This girl could weigh twice what she does, I really don't feed her heavily at all. So, if you feed her well, she will grow very quickly. Snakes have what i call pent up growth. By this I mean that they seem to store up the potential to grow when they are not being fed heavily. Then, when the food is coming at them quickly, the pent up growth kicks in and the growth rate is phenomenal. They "catch up" to their potential.

I have always wanted them because they are beautiful, especially their head patteerns. This girl is in shed right now. you can see the haziness to her, and , in some of the pics you can see her blue eyes. She is much prettier after shedding, she is pretty now anyways.

If you want her, I will sell her for $75, and I can get it to you for $20 shipped two day FedEx. Overnight shipping would be more like $45.

I go to many reptile shows to sell babies, and adults/subadults that I don't have space to breed. I will do two between now and Dec6, so try to decide by then. It is a good price, i assume, because $65 was the going price for babies a few years ago.

My cell phone number is below if you want to call. I teach high school sience, so, if you choose to call, just don't do it during school hours, 8-3 weekdays. otherwise , call any time up until 11 PM

The photobucket link is here :


Chris Feenan
(5180 281-4559