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  1. Welcome!!
  2. Future breeders
  3. Carpet Pythons
  4. Tessera clutch #2 has begun to hatch!
  5. 2011 Alabama Tessera F1 clutch (SMR Okeetee Tessera X WC Alabama)
  6. 2011 Miami Tessera F1 clutch (SMR Okeetee Tessera X unknown lineage Miami phase)
  7. Sibling from an Alabama X Tessera project **sold**
  8. For Megan: Mica Tessera (Normal) sibling
  9. For Walter: 2011 Miami Tessera F1 female
  10. Next show?
  11. Alabama locality
  12. Likely going to be available
  13. House guests (will be available for new homes)
  14. Sunkissed things
  15. My first Gecko hatchlings!
  16. Eggs!!!
  17. When everyone else has eggs hatching....
  18. Two....wait...FOUR new Kings!!
  19. 2013 Red Factor Tessera het Fire X Coral Snow clutch progression thread
  20. Last Coral Snow X Cayenne Fire Tessera baby for sale!! ***Updated 1/29/2014****
  21. My Coral Snow x RF Tessera het Cayenne Fire holdbacks
  22. Sold babies from the Coral Snow x RF Tessera het Cayenne clutch
  23. RF Amel holdback, now available **SOLD!!**
  24. 2014 Mystic Exotics Cornsnake project (Miami Tessera X Miami-2nd gen.) HATCHLINGS!!!
  25. Great education program for classrooms
  26. 1.0 Red Factor Tessera het Fire
  27. Last available Crested Gecko!!
  28. 2015 Miami Tessera X Miami Tessera progression thread
  29. Super (homo) Tessera testing opportunity!!
  30. Mystic Exotics projects
  31. Mystic Exotics 2018 planned pairings
  32. Available 1.1 2017 pair
  33. List of available Cornsnakes
  34. 2018 Miami Tessera p/h Amel X LBR Miami p/h Amel Motley
  35. Hatchlings with problems
  36. 2019 Planned pairings (eggs are on the ground, and babies have begun hatching!!)
  37. A progression thread for the 2018 Miami Tessera clutch.
  38. 2018 Miami and Miami Tessera keepers
  39. Available soon
  40. 2019 Miami Tessera X Coral Snow clutch (Flint X Cora)
  41. Probable HD (homo dominant aka Super)!!
  42. 2019 HD Miami Tessera X LBR Miami (Hematite X Aster)
  43. 2019 Candy Cane X Miami Tessera het Amel (Aeetes X Echo)
  44. 2019 Miami Tessera X Amel (Obsidian X Kalypso)
  45. Available adults and babies
  46. 2019 Miami Tessera X Miami (Brokk X Henna)