View Full Version : My first corn snake ever regurge

My first corn snake ever regurge

06-01-2013, 10:01 AM
Hi I literally just registered to this site because I wanted some advice on my new baby corn snake. I've only had him for about a week 4 days. I fed him on Monday(5/27) and he regurged on Wed.(5/29). I bought 2 packs of Frozen Pinkies to feed him. After I bought them I only read the label on the first box that was handed to me that said "6 Frozen Pinkies". So I just assumed that the other box was identical but when it came to feeding time(I was really anxious to feed him and I never saw what a frozen pinkie of fuzzy looked like before). I just tore open the first box I reached for from the freezer. It turns out that they store I bought them from gave me a pack of frozen pinkies and frozen fuzzies. So by mistake I fed him a frozen fuzzie. I'm positive that the food size is what caused the regurge and I was just curious if the next time I feed him should I feed him a full size pinkie or cut it down a bit?

06-01-2013, 11:23 AM
it was more than likely size related. you need to follow the regurge protocol..

wait ten days to feed him again with limited (none at all) handling. if you can, purchase some nutribac... and in ten days give him a pinky that is slit in half long ways.. cut it while its still frozen and but the other piece in the freezer.. thaw it and roll it in nutribac.