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Baby rabbit photos

The Cat
07-01-2014, 11:01 AM
Here's the story:

Our neighbor was taking out his trash and he found eight baby rabbits very close to the road. My dad was walking the dog and saw so I was summoned with my camera. I was expecting a snake or something, but I wasn't disappointed to find the little rabbits! I took some pictures (which I just accidentally deleted. Oops) then we put them in a basket with a towel in it.

Somehow, they ended up in my care. We couldn't decide what to do with them, so they stayed overnight in a cat carrier. It was either that or put them back by the road.

We're taking them to the nature center today.

NOTE: In the photos where I'm holding a rabbit, it's just because they fell out of the makeshift nest. I'm not holding them just for pleasure (although I do admit, I enjoy it), I'm putting them back.

07-01-2014, 01:22 PM
cute lookin little guys

The Cat
07-01-2014, 05:39 PM

I just returned home from taking the babies to a lady who rehabilitates these kind of animals. She said they were thin yet healthy and around two weeks old. She also said that they hadn't eaten in a while, so something must have happened to their mother. That would explain why two of them kept nibbling my hand.

07-01-2014, 06:46 PM
Oh no! Poor babies. But I'm glad you helped them.

07-01-2014, 10:08 PM
They are SO cute! I'm glad you took them to someone who knows how to care for them.