View Full Version : HA HA HA...I'm not the only snake crazy person in the house! Meet our new kingsnake!

HA HA HA...I'm not the only snake crazy person in the house! Meet our new kingsnake!

09-12-2015, 12:37 PM
Oh, I am LAUGHING. I've been slowly selling off our babies from this year's clutch (just two left, in fact!), and just a few days ago one interested party asked if I'd consider trading my babies for a gargoyle gecko and/or adult male hognose snake. Now, I've loved hoggies for a long time and long thought about getting one, but I do recognize that what with all our snakes and the rest of the menagerie, it's a lot. I was about to tell the interested party no when I ran it by my husband, just to be sure, since they're different species and might interest my husband to add variety in the classroom. He said no. Actually, he did his best impression of this comic--NOPE NOPE NOPE.:laugh:
http://static4.fjcdn.com/comments/Godzilla+s+fw+japanese+hornets+_cc6d4636480771f463 eab300a880241a.png

I figured as much and passed the info on to the interested party.


Just the other day I was leaving my husband's classroom--I went in to weigh and feed everyone, change waters, clean, etc. during a time the classroom was empty--and as I left, a teacher approached me and asked me to pass some information to my husband. Apparently, the retired science teacher who'd been in that very classroom for years--and filled it with dozens of different types of animals, making us look very small time--had a California kingsnake he wanted to give us. This snake had been in that very classroom for a very long time and he thought maybe my husband would like to put this guy back where he'd been for many years. He was reportedly THE snake the kids liked to take out and have their pictures taken with.

I hesitantly passed the info on to my husband after school, anticipating more NOPE NOPE NOPE, and he said with conflict, "Yeeaahh, that teacher found me after school to pass the information on to me in person." I told him this was entirely his decision--I would support him regardless and was fine with either decision.

I figured we had time and there was no urgency, and that hubby would likely wrestle with the decision for a bit--so how surprised was I that while I was out delivering a baby snake to her new owner, my husband and kids went over to the retired teacher's house and picked this guy up?

I'm a combination of thrilled and relieved because 1) this was entirely my husband's decision, and 2) it shows it's not just me that's crazy.

We have no idea just yet how old he is--just "old"--but King Oreo is a handsome, fascinating dude. It's awesome having a local native species to share with the kids--and triply awesome is this species's reputation for EATING RATTLESNAKES. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. AWESOME!

When I first opened the tank to meet him, I caught myself squealing and cooing over him like he was a new puppy. "AwwWWW, aren't you just GORGEOUS? Oh yes you ARE!" And when he started rattling a bit at me, "Oh, yes, aren't you just a big bad boy!"

Now, this thread is useless without pics, sooooo...

Our first meet and greet

Full body pic

"You got any everything for me to eat?"

Such a handsome dude!

I just have to laugh--it wasn't me this time! Hee!

09-12-2015, 01:05 PM
Oh sooooo beautiful. Congrats on your new family member.

P.S. I coo to my snake, too ;)

09-12-2015, 01:13 PM
Really nice looking cal king.