View Full Version : Behavior change after first feed with me

Behavior change after first feed with me

05-01-2005, 04:34 AM
I have a young 6-8 week female that I have had since wed. The first and second night I had her she was very active nearly all night. I have been leaving her alone except for giving her a f/t pinky on fri. which she quickly ate. Now friday night and last night she has remained hunkered down in one of her hides. I have not seen any of the exploring behavior I witnessed the first few nights and am concerened. Is this normal? Could she be just remaining calm during digestion? Iam new to all this but have consulted my books and the internet for the answer but no luck. Maybe Iam just being a worry wort. She is staying near the warmer side of her set up which is about 83 degrees. What do you all think? I feel all aspects of her set up is, she is alone, plenty of hides.in 10 gallon, few intrusions, bottled H2O and proper warm and cool sides. She is about 12 " and appears in perfect health other than this behavior. Thank you so much.

05-01-2005, 05:17 AM
Your snake is probably just digesting it's food. My snakes will go hide for a few days after they eat sometimes. I'd give her 2-3 days after she eats and then possibly handle her for a few minutes to check on her. I wouldn't handle her too much for a week or so to let her get used to her new surroundings.