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too much shedding?

05-04-2005, 11:01 PM
So a few months ago I put my male amel (hatched Aug '99 if memory serves correctly) on coconut shell/bark for the first time (The stuff that comes compressed and shrink wrapped). I saw it in the pet store for the first time and it looked like it would air out better and mold less often after a good misting....little did I know, the stuff dries out like nobody's business. The next time my guy shed I misted him some, but not so much since he usually sheds great without too much misting or other help. Well, his shed was an absolute mess, tiny chunks everywhere! I had to mist him a lot and handle him with wet towels and soak him a lot, and he still had a few individual old scales sticking to younger ones. Well, soon after that (2-3 weeks, i would guess), he up and turned blue again, and shed. I misted him tons this time. In fact, I would spray about half my 8 ounce spray bottle out and just pour the rest around the tank. Even doing that the tank would be bone dry by the end of the day. He seemed to shed ok the second time. But now, about 2-3 weeks after that, HE'S TURNED BLUE AGAIN and has that crinkley dry 'I'm gonna shed soon' feel to him. Well, I took him off the damn coconut shell and switched back the the repti-bark type stuff I used to use, and have been misting-a-plenty.

Should I be concerned about so much shedding?? It way more frequent that ever before (hatchling grow spurts excluded). I can't think of any ill affects, except maybe increased nutrient needs or something to that affect. Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible the coconut stuff isn't entirely to blame? Am I missing something else?


05-05-2005, 12:13 AM
Maybe he just hasn't shed properly since it was dry and finds the need to do it again until it feels like he's fully shed out. See how it goes now that you've changed back to your old bedding. Do you keep written records of when he sheds so that you can be sure of the time in between? If he had any injuries, or problems with his scales after the poor sheds, he may shed more frequently until they heal.