View Full Version : Cornsnake eats too small I think

Cornsnake eats too small I think

10-03-2005, 08:24 AM
My cornsnake was born in September/August last year(2004). He ate Pinky's for some time (the little naked mice.)
I have given him a bigger mouse and he ate that but only once. Now he does eat a mouse that is somewhat bigger, these mice have some hair but are still fairly small. He/she rather eats pinky's but I don't think there is enough nutrition in those small ones.
A few weeks ago I offered him live prey. He strangled it, started to eat and then when the head of the mouse was halfway in, he stopped eating. He didn't regurgitate but let the mouse glide out of his mouth.
I offered him pinky's(dead) two days after and he ate 4 of them.
About a week after that I offered him a mouse that was a bit bigger than a pinky, he ate it but he had to to a bit more work for that. But really only a bit.
But what I see is that he prefers the real tiny mice if given the choice. He won't go for the somewhat bigger size.
Do I have an extremely lazy cornsnake? Can I still offer him the litle hairless mice? I think my snake is undersized at this moment he hasn't reached 3 feet at this moment. He sheds well, eats well as long as I feed tiny prey. He looks healthy, never had any porblems with his health. But I think it is a bit weird that he prefers tiny prey.

10-03-2005, 10:25 AM
Try just feeding him the small fuzzy at this point, and then gradually increase the size of the fuzzy, or feed two fuzzies. Then gradually work up to the hoppers and such. I've heard of a few snakes not wanting larger prey, but when I checked it out, it turned out they were attempting to feed something very much too big. You might try making the cuts thru the back (frozen/thawed only of course) also to aid in digestion, ease of swallowing and help with growth.

10-03-2005, 09:12 PM
My cornsnake was born in September/August last year(2004). He ate Pinky's for some time (the little naked mice.)

I have an Amel that was born in august and a classic that was born in september. They are both eating small adult mice. Since yours ate pinkys for sometime he might be thinner. I just fed mine fuzzies starting with small ones then when they would eat a fuzzie and pinky I moved up to bigger fuzzies until they started eating 2 now I feed small adults. Both my corns are a little over 3 feet. The fuzzies thickened up my corns pretty quickly so they can eat bigger mice. I have fed my classic a small fuzzy rat but I think it was a little too big but she didn't regurgitate and I didn't feed her another because my Amel won't eat rats (someone told me they don't smell the same as mice and some corns won't eat them. I don't know how true it is).

10-03-2005, 10:05 PM
My corns all eat rats. The only thing I noticed is that one of mine won't eat it unless it's light colored. She doesn't like the dark colored head on one. The yearlings are eating rat pups, and my big amel is eating a small adult rat every two weeks. He LOVES his rats!