View Full Version : HELP!!!!!!:(


10-08-2002, 04:38 AM
my hatchling amel has just ecaped it is my ownly snake and i realy love the littel guy do aney of you have any tips where is might be?????? i have laid down some pinkies and around the pinkies i have put down pieces of wood i hope he will eat the pinkie and the go under the wood to hide i have olso taped the doors off so he cant gett out please i need your help to find him :(

10-08-2002, 02:46 PM
try not to worry, of all the escapees ive had they have all been found within feet of their viv. You said you taped up doors but what i always do is put a line of flour down so you can see if the lil one has crossed into another room. Check the obvious places i.e dark, warm, behind bookcases/fridges etc. Im sure he'll turn up. Good luck n let us know how it goes