View Full Version : Do you treat your snakes better than yourself?

Do you treat your snakes better than yourself?

13mur 6
03-05-2003, 01:59 AM
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem. Gosh, I think I feed myself like once a day and only allow myself maybe 4 hours of sleep a night while working my hairs white, while Aki sitting over there in the corner gets her food everytime she's hungry (approx once every 3 days), has got a whole 2 square feet of living space all to herself along with 3 hides, a water bowl, a warm spot and a branch to climb. She spends what seems like 20 hours a day sleeping.

Even my mice seem happy, tons of friends, lots of toys, plenty food and water, and lotsa space, oh and their occasional treat of yogurt drops and dried fruit and an airplane ride in my shirt pocket. Though I guess they're sad too since their babies are always taken away from them.:( gotta pay the devil his due I guess.

-13mur 6

03-06-2003, 10:47 AM
I think I take care of all my animals better than myself. I have 3 dogs (German Shepard, laborador and a beagle) and 4 cats, plus my 2 snakes.

I am constantly making sure my babies are OK. Seth, one of my snakes shed yesterday, but there was an inch section about 3 inches from her tail that did not come off, so off to the bath she went, and I got it off. One of my cats has asthma, so now I give him steriods every 2 days. (You know they make people aggressive, same with cats, and he was already aggressive!)

And my dogs - They are just spoiled. I have actually gone through the drive in window of McDonalds to buy them hamburgers, not getting anything for me.

I guess when you are an animal lover, it shows. :D