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Clicking Noise Explained By Vet

03-06-2009, 03:51 PM
Well I had 2 snakes making the famous clicking noise. I thought it might be URI and raised the heat in both tanks. Well it was still occurring after a couple of days so I didn't delay and took them to the vet. He looked them over real well and checked everything. Then he quizzed me on my setups and temps. Everything was perfect. He then told me that their mucus membranes were dry due to low winter time humidities and recommended that I get a humidifier and get my snake room to 50%. Has anyone ever heard the same thing? He also told me to look for uneven lips, discharge from their mouth, blowing bubbles from their nose, and discharge from their nose. He said to bring them back if any of that occurred. So I am going tonight to get a humidifier. Anyone have any models/brands they would recommend?

03-06-2009, 05:36 PM
That's so interesting! A new member just posted about hearing that clicking noise as well. I've never heard it, but I've read that it has been associated with shedding periods.

Not snake related, but my kids get that way in the winter. The older one has asthma and we just use a Vicks humidifier. They're like $20 and you can get them in the grocery stores. I use the cool type because I don't like to worry about the microbes and various bacterias associated with warm humidity. It doesn't cool the room, but you can tell a difference within the first 24 hours.

Good luck, and thanks for posting this info.

03-06-2009, 05:57 PM
One more note on this....These snakes were purchased on 2/14 and 2/15 from different people. I am just curious on the prior conditions compared to mine. I have noticed the humidity in the room got down to 20% one day which is rather dry. I have huge water bowls and they were full/fresh but none of the snakes were soaking/swimming. I have seen them prior to shedding take a dip. It's just strange to me why 2 out of 21 only have this issue and everyone of them are in the same room. :confused:
My biggest lesson learned is that not all clicking/popping noises are shedding or URI problems.