View Full Version : 1 fuzzy, 1 Pinkie...or 2 fuzzies?

1 fuzzy, 1 Pinkie...or 2 fuzzies?

06-29-2009, 01:34 PM
I recently switched my corn onto fuzzies. he was eating 2 pinkies before (peach fuzzies, to be exact) and gaining weight nicely. However, for the last month, he has been on fuzzies (just one at each feed). He has not gained (or lost) a gram in the last month. Also, by his girth, I'd think that he could easily take 2 fuzzies. It's taking about a day to digest a single.

My question is, should I up to 2 fuzzies right away, or should I start off with one fuzzy and one pinkie at first? If so, when should I move on to 2 fuzzies?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your opinions :)

06-29-2009, 03:17 PM
How much does he weigh? I would look up the Munson plan and follow that- I doubt your snake is digesting in a day even though maybe the bump is no longer noticeable he is still digesting:) If he weighs enough you could move to hoppers or try one fuzzy and one pinky to get him used to the bigger meal slowly. Rapid growth is not healthy o don't push it too much unless he really is big enough for a larger meal:)

06-30-2009, 12:55 AM
Actually because he is a snow I can see when the meal is in him :) Also he normally hides for two days after he eats, and lately it's under 24 hours and he's all over his tree again. But I will try the pinkie & fuzzy first. Thanks!