View Full Version : Recent feeding issue with my ball python

Recent feeding issue with my ball python

11-30-2009, 05:41 PM
My corn is eating twin city reptile pinkies just fine but my ball didn't like the fresh kill rat i offered last friday nor the live rat sunday. I offered it today again and it just gets right in its face and licks it.

The rat doesnt seem to move much infact its lethargic and sleeps all the time I wonder if its sick or has cancer and thats why my snake wont eat it.

I'm gonna buy a petco rat and see if it likes that better, the ball hasnt had any isssues with rats from there. I'm only 3 days overdue for my snakes feeding schedule so I think it will be fine if i keep offering this rat i have till friday then get a new one.

I hate having a pet rat that just sits there, it makes me feel bad. I doubt twin city will take the rat back so what should I do If my snake doesn't eat it? lol anyone want a free rat!!!

Also my ball is pooping in its hide, I wonder if thats a problem? It is active at night so i don't know if my snake is possibly sick.

11-30-2009, 08:04 PM
This post just makes me feel bad. I have pet rats myself, and they are so social...they actually suffer from lonliness if they are alone, and are nearly as smart as dogs are. I hate the idea of anything suffering, but especially something as smart as a rat......

If we were closer I would take him in a heart beat....