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machinex 02-15-2021 03:11 PM

New to snakes, from Michigan.
Hello all, my name is Brian.

I just got my first snake and I went with a corn snake due to the ease of care, and the temperament. Got him on Saturday (2/13). Had a 10 gal. setup pretty much ready to go.

Couple questions:
  • His feeding schedule is/was Wednesday. Should I feed him this week or let him settle more?
  • He had one pinky last on 2/10. Today would be 5 days, I was told to feed him weekly, but not sure if/when I should start giving 2? and if I should be going for 5 days instead based on posts here and the Munson method which appears to be the standard around here..
  • Anyone know what type he would be (he was listed as common)?
  • I don't know his age, but he is about 12-15 inches long. Still need to get his actual length and weigh him as well, but didn't want to disturb him much more for the first few days as recommended.

Anyway, here is his current habitat (heat is on left under log area) Still have some vines/flora to add, but I like it so far.:

And this is what he/she looks like:

Been reading a lot here, and glad to have this forum/resource available.


hypnoctopus 02-15-2021 03:53 PM

Very cute! It's generally best to leave them be for a week after you get them before offering food. Just because his previous schedule was Wednesdays doesn't mean you need to stick to that schedule. I would weigh him with a kitchen gram scale the day before you feed him to make sure you're feeding him the right size. Otherwise, you can eyeball the right size - the mouse should be about 1 to 1.5 times as wide as his widest point. If he's eating pinkies, he should be good on a 5 day schedule. Personally, I prefer to feed single prey items, so once my snakes hit about 15 grams, I move them up to peach fuzzies, which are a nice in between size from pinkies to fuzzies.

And he looks like he's an anery.

Welcome to the forum!

Weiveismart 03-19-2021 02:55 AM

This place of residence is really perfect

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