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ecreipeoj 11-05-2019 06:59 PM

ADULTS for SALE, plus a few 2018's and 2019's
Photo request will be posted in this tread

2.0 RedCoat Lava het Sunkissed Bloodred$175
0.3 Lava het Sunkissed Bloodred $150
0.1 Lavamel het Sunkissed Bloodred $75
0.2 Hypo Striped het Anery $150
2.0 Jasper County Okeetee het Sunkissed $150
1.0 Jasper County Okeetee het Sunkissed Lava $175

Pet Only Striped Hypo Cinder (Was a male, but bred his hemis into bedding, remained out, cut off. Healthy very cool pet. $125

1.0 Lava Tessera het Anery Bloodred $300
1.0 Tessera het Striped Lava Amel$300
1.0 Anery Tessera het Lava $250
1.0 Blood/PS Tessera (Extreme diffusion) $200
1.0 Blue Tessera Motley $350
0.1 Red Lava Tessera het Sunkissed $250
0.1 Lavamel Tessera het Bloodred $300
0.1 Fire Tessera $300
0.1 Magma Tessera het Amel $350
0.1 Blue Tessera het Motley $300
0.1 Blue Tessera het Striped $300

1.0 Striped het Hypo Snow Lava Sunkissed $100
2.0 Butter (Possibly homo for Amel Lava and/or Sunkissed)$125
0.1 Lavamel Tessera $150
0.1 Hypo Blue Tessera het Motley $200
0.1 Blue Tessera het Motley (Tip of tail bent) $150

3.0 Strawberry Sunkissed $125 (Pure Straw, no Hypo in the mix.)

4.3 Masque Magma $125
0.1 Masque Bloodred het PS Hypo Ice $125
0.4 Masque Granite het Hypo Lava PS $125
1.0 Masque Bloodred het Ice (Borders) $100
2.0 Masque Bloodred het PS Ice $100 (From Extreme PS female)
1.0 Masque Granite het Lava (Borders) $100
2.3 Masque Fire Bloodred het Lava $100

1.0 Lava Tessera ph Sunkissed Butter $125 (Tessera x Tessera breeding possible homo Tessera)
2.1 Masque Bloodred Tessera het Amel Lava $125 (Tess x Tess breeding possible homo Tessera)
1.0 Masque Fire Bloodred Tessera het Lava $150 (Tess x Tess breeding possible homo Tessera)
1.1 Amel Tessera Het Lava Bloodred $125 (Tess x Tess breeding possible homo Tessera)
1.0 Tessera het Amel Lava Bloodred $100 (Tess x Tess Breeding possible homo Tessera)
0.1 Tessera het Lava Motley $100 (Produced Lava Motley Tesseras that I haven't produced yet)

Produced from Kathy Loves Jasper County Sunkissed and Jasper County RedCoat Lavas. These are the purest Mutant Corn Snakes you can find. The Sunkissed, Lava and RedCoat Genes in these Corns can all be traced to wild caught Corns in Jasper County. They have been tested, and are Stargazer Free.

If you are working with Jasper County Okeetees, or Hunt Club Okeetees, here is your chance to add a Mutant gene to your project and keep the line PURE Jasper County Okeetee. I have used Kathy Loves original Jasper County Sunkissed, and only bred them to my Jasper County Lava Okeetees and Lee Abbotts Jasper County Okeetees.

When you breed your Jasper County Okeetees X Jasper County Sunkissed, you will produce Jasper County Okeetees het for Sunkissed, just as nice as any other line of Jasper County Okeetees.

I am also working with RedCoat Jasper County Lava Okeetees, and Jasper County Lava Okeetees. They will be available in 2020 to add to your Jasper County Okeetee Projects.

Finally, 3 Mutant Genes to breed into your Jasper County Okeetees and still keep your line PURE Corn Snake.
3.0 Jasper County Sunkissed $150



Live arrival, healthy, eating thawed mice. Two weeks to decide if you want to return for refund. Shipping cost are not refundable.

Flat Rate $50. FedEx Priority Overnight.

United States Postal Money Order only.
Sent to: Joe Pierce, HC2 Box 25012, Alturas, CA 96101

E-mail is preferred. Emails will be checked twice per week for inquires and sales.

I will hold the Corns you are interested in upon inquiry, until you have time to ask all questions about them and time to send payment.

ecreipeoj 11-05-2019 07:05 PM

Masque Magmas are looking good this year!
3 Attachment(s)
1.0 Masque Magma ph Striped Anery $175
1.0 Bloodred het Ice (Borders)$125
1.0 Granite het Lava (Borders)$150

Lots more Bloods to offer as they feed and I talk myself into taking them off of my holdback shelf.

ecreipeoj 11-05-2019 07:12 PM

Striped Sunkissed Lava het Snow Caramel
3 Attachment(s)
Striped Sunkissed Lava het Snow Caramel $350
Genetically, the best I have to offer this year. Six genes, including Caramel. You can not beat the possibilities when paired with a Sunkissed het Striped Sunkissed Topaz.

Striped Snow Sunkissed Lava ph Lava $250 (Opaque in photo opps)
Striped Anery Sunkissed het Amel ph Lava $250

ecreipeoj 11-05-2019 07:17 PM

Striped Bloodreds
1 Attachment(s)
Striped Bloodred $95

ecreipeoj 11-05-2019 07:18 PM

Lava Motley ph Striped Snow
1 Attachment(s)
Lava Motley ph Snow $125

ecreipeoj 11-05-2019 07:23 PM

RedCoat Landrace Okeetees
1 Attachment(s)
RedCoat Landrace Okeetee ph Sunkissed $75

Landrace Sunkissed and Landrace RedCoat Okeetees are from Kathy Loves original Line of Jasper County Okeetees, combined with my Jasper County RedCoat Lava Line.

We all like Hunt Club Okeetees and/or Jasper County Okeetees, now we have Jasper County Sunkissed available, Stargazer FREE!

Frank Pinello 11-07-2019 09:24 PM

Nice! I like them all!

SnakeCreations 11-08-2019 01:34 AM

Super nice! Congrats!


NWFancyScales 01-09-2020 09:50 PM

LOVE that last snake! So red!

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ecreipeoj 02-11-2020 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by NWFancyScales (Post 1739722)
LOVE that last snake! So red!

Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

RedCoats are one of my favorite!

Price List and prices updated 2-11-20.

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