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MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:35 AM

2013 Red Factor Tessera het Fire X Coral Snow clutch progression thread
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Saraphine-Coral Snow-originally from SMR X Cinaed-RF Tessera het Cayenne Fire, produced by Colorado Corns

The first photo is of the Dam-Saraphine.
The next two are of Cinaed when he first came to me, & the last one is a recent photo of Cinaed.

I wanted to get a really nice male Tessera from this pairing, to pair back to the Dam, to see what I could produce.
I'd like to hold back a couple of the babies, to continue this project. I see the RF influence in a number of the babies, & they haven't shed yet. (They've just begun to start shedding.)

I will post better photos of each of the babies after they all shed, but I wanted to share them now. :)

They hatched Sept 30th.

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:43 AM

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Saraphine laid 30 eggs, 4 of those were slugs.
The remaining 26 eggs all hatched.

The final tally:
4 Amel Tessera's
6 Normal Tessera's
14 Amel's
2 Normals

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:45 AM

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They did not want to sit still for photos.

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:46 AM

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Overall, I'm very happy with the babies!

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:47 AM

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A lot of Amels!!

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:49 AM

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More Amel's...and one of the Normal's

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:51 AM

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One more Normal baby.

I'll get better post-shed photos & belly shots as well.

MysticExotics 10-07-2013 03:54 AM

I hope to get more photos taken & uploaded before this coming weekend, but I will be leaving for Tinley on Friday, & might not get to it until after my trip.

MysticExotics 10-21-2013 03:37 AM

I didn't get around to taking better pix before my trip, & I just offered their first meal tonight, so it will be a few days or so before I am able to take more pix of these babies.

On another note, 20-21 have eaten their first meal offered! So far, I have 5 hold outs, & one more that I miss counted pinks & had to thaw out one more, so I'll check in a bit to see if that one eats.
One of the normal Tessera's is a holdout, the other holdouts are normal Amels. (Possibly one Normal, the one I fed last). I'm very happy that 9 out of 10 Tessera's ate their first meals!

MysticExotics 10-21-2013 04:43 AM

1st feeding update: I just checked, before going to bed. All but 2 of the Amel's ate their first meal! (24 out of 26 babies ate their first meal!)

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