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Nanci 06-06-2009 09:36 AM

Fed Ex Shipping Certification Procedure
(I'm reposting this with tags so hopefully it will be easy for someone to search for in the future!)

1. Applied for account on-line. This involved giving them a credit card number, and them charging me $10. This took less than one day.

2. They gave me the name of my account rep the day I applied. I got through to his voice mail.

3. Account rep called me on my home phone, of course when I wasn't home, but he left his e-mail address and direct phone number. This took a couple days.

4. I e-mailed back, saying who I was, and what I was up to.

5. I looked at the instructions on the Fed Ex site for shipping reptiles, and copied their directions with my test package exactly. I printed out the test package form and sent it off. The person at the test package phone number told me to send it "Charge to recepient" and that there was no account number. The Fed Ex hub thought there should be an account number, but they took it anyway.

Test package form:

6. The test package passed, and the testing center e-mailed me the results. I sent it on Monday, I had the results Friday.

7. I contacted my rep with the results, and he has contacted the legal department, and that is as far as I am. That happened within an hour.

8. Two weeks later, my rep e-mailed me the liability waiver, which I signed and faxed back to him. The liability waiver basically states that they are not responsible for loss for any reason, and that you are not to expect them to be or try to file a claim, and that you must ship Express only and not over a weekend or holiday period.

9. Same day the rep faxed a copy of the packaging report and the waiver to the animal desk. They will then add my name and acct number to the list of
approved shippers.

10. Same day the rep sent a fully executed copy of the
waiver to their legal dept.

11. Same day the rep faxed me a fully executed copy
of the waiver for my records. This one has his signature and info too.

12. Same day, the rep e-mailed me to advise me that the Live Animal Desk had informed him that I was on the approved shipper list. Done!!

Gralena 06-29-2009 09:29 AM

This is a great thread, Nanci!! I'm in process of getting this accomplished....where did you find the directions on packaging reptiles on fedex website? I have the application but wanted to read their directions exactly for the packaging. Also, did you pack a cool pack with yours? Thanks

Nanci 06-29-2009 09:54 AM

I can't find the packaging reptiles page! I have it printed out, but no way can I find it. I tried photographing it but it didn't turn out nicely, but I guess I'll try again.

I put in a used heat pack, and on the form specified that I would use heat or cold, whichever was applicable. I also put in an invoice and a fake snake in the deli cup!

Nanci 06-29-2009 10:19 AM

Scroll down to post #353, which has the Fed Ex Reptile Packaging PDF.

I still can't find it by searching Fed Ex's site...

The following components are required when accepting a packaging system for live reptiles.
• Live reptile inside a primary container. If primary container is a plastic dish with a lid, the lid must be secured by the appropriate amount of additional closure (tape, rubber bands, staples, etc.) to prevent the lid from separating. “Snap-on-lids” alone are not sufficient and require additional closure. If primary container is a cloth bag, bag must be sealed (tight knot, plastic cable-tie, folded over and taped, etc.) for proper containment.
• Cloth bags used to contain reptile may not have holes, cutouts or tears.
• Void fill (foam peanuts, newspaper, shredded paper, etc.) placed on all sides of the primary container to cushion and secure the container from shifting inside of the package while in transit.
• Sturdy outer box (recommend a minimum burst strength rating of 200 lbs.) sealed with a minimum 2” wide pressure sensitive tape. Duct or electrical tape is not permitted.

Optional Additions:
• Heat/cold pack for thermal protection from outside temperature and humidity changes.
• Foam panels placed inside all six faces of box to enhance overall structural integrity of package and for additional insulation of contents. Appropriate thickness of foam should be used for different box sizes.

• “(upwards arrows)” or “THIS SIDE UP” labels are recommended.
• “LIVEHARMLESSREPTILE” on two sides of the box.
• Place Airbill or POWERSHIP label on top of largest side.
• Recommend using the “H-taping method” on the top and bottom of the package as illustrated at upper left.

• FedEx boxes should not be used as the outer container.
• Shipments are restricted to Domestic U.S. locations via FedEx Express service only. Live animal shipments via FedEx Ground are strictly prohibited.

Blue Apple Herps 06-29-2009 11:10 AM

Good post. You're lucky it went so smoothly for you.

First time for me took about a month. Then they somehow "lost" my certification so I had to redo it. That time took 4 months right during the summer - I lost a lot of sales because I couldn't ship during that time.

Corny Noob 06-29-2009 11:50 AM

It seems so easy but I'm sure it would still make my head spin.

I'll just settle for having snakes shipped to me only :)

kathylove 06-29-2009 11:51 AM

I love how they now specify not to use FedEx boxes for the outer container. When I got certified, I had my package approved as an inner, insulated flat box, inside of the largest FedEx box. It worked really great, and I could fit about 6 deli cups inside, or even add a book if ordered together. And no dimensional weight! And I only had to buy one box, but got the use of 2! Of course, FedEx finally figured out that they were losing all of that dimensional weight they could get by forcing us to use the more typical boxes. I got to do it for a year or two before they caught on, and I had to increase my shipping rates to compensate. It was nice while it lasted, though!

Chris Olson 06-29-2009 12:02 PM

Good info, Nanci. I advise bringing a copy of your waiver with you whenever you ship. There are a lot of Fedex employees that firmly believe they do not ship animals. If you find yourself without your waiver and they give you grief, tell them to look up your account in the "green-screen email." After they look at you like "how does she know about that," they will see that you have a reptile waiver on your account. I would also note....I've been told by a very nice lady at Fedex, that I shouldn't write "Live Harmless Reptiles," on the box because she has "seen things happen to them."


Gralena 06-29-2009 10:03 PM much helpful information!! Thank you so much Nanci for writing all of this up!!! I was having trouble searching the Fedex site for some of the info and you are awesome!

ZoologyGirl 06-29-2009 10:04 PM

Thanks for the info, I dread the day I have to do it.

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