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MysticExotics 11-23-2019 01:37 AM

Planned pairings for 2020 (Miami, Candy Cane, and ?)
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It's about that time to start planning this coming season's breeding projects.

Of course, Miami is the main theme again, along with Candy Cane stuff. There might be some Peppermint and Cinder stuff as well!

Aeetes X Echo with be paired again. Aeetes is a Candy Cane het Cinder male produced by Nanci LaVake. Echo is a Miami Tessera het Amel, from my line. She is now owned by my friend Rachel and is here for another season to make more Candy Cane babies. :)

HERE is the thread from last year's clutch from this pairing.

I have a stunning LBR Miami male on a breeder loan from Carol this year, and I plan on pairing him with my two Miami Tessera females to see if either is Homo Dominat (formerly called Super). One of my male Miami TEssera's from the same clutch as the two females produced all Tessera babies last year, so I am hopeful that at least one of the females is also Homo Dominant!

AMETRITE is one of the females, and the other is CALCITE is another possibility, but I haven't decided if I will pair her this coming year. I had way more babies last year than planned, and having just moved, I don't want nearly as many babies this next year. LOL

Last year, I paired Brokk (one of my first produced Miami Tessera's that is the founding sire to my line) with Henna (was listed as an Okeetee Miami when I got her, and she has more Buckskin coloring than Miami, but she produced gorgeous Miami babies last year!
I haven't decided if I will pair her with Brokk again, or maybe with the LBR Miami male who is here on a loan.

HERE is the Brokk X Henna clutch form last year

My iHerp page is HERE if anyone is interested in seeing some of my collection. :)

Watch my member forum (Mystic Exotics) on this webpage for breeding updates!

If you want to contact me, please email me at MysticExotics(at)

Thank you for looking!

I am attaching some photos of babies from this last season, to show some of the babies I am hoping to produce more of this next season.
A couple of the pics are older pics, I need to get more current pics. They recently ate, so that will have to wait.

Dennis Gulla 11-27-2019 12:59 AM

I’m always interested in traditional Miami’s as well as Candy canes. If you take reservations, add me to your list!

67temp 11-27-2019 03:21 PM

I can't wait to see the cute babies you produce!

MysticExotics 11-27-2019 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by Dennis Gulla (Post 1739519)
Iím always interested in traditional Miamiís as well as Candy canes. If you take reservations, add me to your list!

I don't do reservations, I never know how many/which ones I will be keeping. LOL
I do try to keep my own list of people interested, but please send me an email or comment on my posts about babies you are interested in.


Originally Posted by 67temp (Post 1739525)
I can't wait to see the cute babies you produce!

Thanks! Me too! :)

MysticExotics 01-26-2020 09:47 PM

Pairing has begun!

So far, I have paired my last two female Miami Tessera's from a Miami Tessera x Miami Tessera clutch, to see if either/both are Homo Dominant. One of the females is being paired with a stunning LBR Miami male on loan from Carol.
One of the males I kept from the same clutch that I paired last year produced 100% Tessera's.

I have also paired my Candy Cane male with the Mystic Exotics Miami Tessera now owned by my friend Rachel, a repeat pairing from last year. We're looking forward to more beautiful Candy Cane babies.

I received 4 new adults from my friend Matt, of NW Bloodlies, including a Peppermint female that I will be pairing with my Candy Cane male, since he's het Cinder. There should be some pretty Candy Cane and Peppermint babies in that clutch. :)

Two of the snakes I got from Matt included a normal (RF) female het for Bloodred, Caramel(?), Strawberry, and a Diffused Snow, het Strawberry and het or homo Motley.
His goal was Diffused Corals with that pairing. I will finish that breeding project for him.

MysticExotics 06-30-2020 04:00 PM

Sorry for the absence, things have been pretty busy.
I'm still working full time (essential), and I now have a farm (also a full time job LOL).
Some of the babies have hatched, and some started shedding.
I'll post individual threads on each clutch.

MysticExotics 06-30-2020 04:29 PM

I'm waiting on a couple eggs from a Cinder het Amel Tessera x Peppermint clutch, a single egg from a multi het pairing (who knows what will hatch), a Snow possible het scaleless x Scaleless with undisclosed hets, also a few eggs from my female Henna that are hatching now. There's two Amel, one normal. Those will be fun to watch.
We did a repeat pairing of my Candy Cane male to one of the Miami Tessera's that I produced, that is now owned by my friend, Rachel.
Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting the eggs so soon, and most got dehydrated, and only one is going full term. Hopefully a really nice CC. :)

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