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DamJoe 01-08-2019 02:56 PM

Best Time to Weigh
My daughter purchased her first cornsnake on January 6 at the reptile super show in Pomona, Ca. She's 9 and super excited about it, she's done endless research about it and one thing she hasn't been able to find is when the best time to weigh her snake is. She wants to keep a running log on our google drive account for feeding days as well as weight gain. Can anyone help with this? I'm new to cornsnakes as well. My apologies if this has been asked a lot.

silvercrow87 01-08-2019 03:10 PM

I usually weigh my corn snakes in the middle of the month, so usually about the 15th or 16th of the month, but I would say weigh her Corn Snake once or twice a month would be fine.

What you could do is two or three days before feeding,weigh her then weigh her again two or three days after feeding.

Here's how I am doing for one of my younger corn snakes.

I use the memo app on my phone.

Tessara anery corn snake

Weight in grams / date weighed

October 27th 15 G
November 9th 15G
December 17th 18G
December 31st 19G

Times shed


Times fed / ate

2018 (Pinkies)
September 29
October 6,13,20,26
November 3,9,17, 24
December 1,10, 15, 22, 29.

January 4

I started giving her smaller fuzzies cause when she ate pinkies she stayed the same size(her stomach).

Also get a cheap kitchen scale. The ones that display in grams, they are usually about 15 to $20 so they're not that expensive.

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DamJoe 01-08-2019 04:02 PM

Thank you so much. This is really helpful, I really appreciate it. We bought a scale at the reptile show, we were given a really good price ($30) but that included a pack of 10 pinky mice as well.

MysticExotics 01-08-2019 04:38 PM

I don't have a set system on when I weigh my snakes. With my babies, I try to weigh them about once a month, and sometimes I go through and weigh all of them.

You will want to wait a few days after feeding, to allow them to digest the food before weighing them.

I use iHerp for tracking. Here's a thread I started on it:

You can track pretty much everything with it, including breeding projects.

You can use the Munson Plan as a guide on what size prey to feed, based on the weight of the snake.

Weight Freq prey size prey wght
4-15gr 5-6 days pinks 2-3gr
16-23gr 5-6 days dbl pinks 3gr X2
24-30gr 6-7 days sm fuzzy 5-7gr
30-50gr 6-7 days fuzzy 7-9gr
51-90gr 6-7 days hopper 9-12gr
91-170gr 6-7 days weanling 14-20gr
170-400gr *7 days adult 20-30gr
401+gr *7 days xl adult 30-50gr

DamJoe 01-09-2019 11:48 AM

Thank you

DamJoe 01-09-2019 01:49 PM

I tried the website and was prompted to go back because it might be a suspicious site.

MysticExotics 01-09-2019 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by DamJoe (Post 1735947)
I tried the website and was prompted to go back because it might be a suspicious site.

I saw that. I'll check with Aaron (the creator) and see what is going on.

MysticExotics 01-09-2019 03:48 PM

It's been fixed!

SnakeCreations 01-09-2019 11:47 PM

I weigh my snakes before feeds, not everytime, but it's pretty consistent. I don't think it matters when or how often, but to make sure I'm feeding an appropriate sized prey, it's important to me.



DamJoe 01-10-2019 11:56 AM

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My daughter and I weighed her snake yesterday because she was curious and it weighs 10g. Not sure if hers is an ideal weight for her snake.

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