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amx432 08-12-2020 08:44 PM

Little pick up for my daughter
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Not sure what all it's got going on but she digs it, any ideas on morph?Attachment 197278Attachment 197279Attachment 197280

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Frank Pinello 08-12-2020 09:44 PM

Cute anery corn snake

Shiari 08-12-2020 09:47 PM

Some photos in natural light and of the belly would be nice. I'm leaning towards a ghost at this point, honestly. Those saddles edges look very, VERY, brown in the third photo.

amx432 08-12-2020 09:54 PM

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The reason she liked it was due to this weird pink/reddish cast it has between it's saddles, I was thinking Coral ghost at first but under my lights it doesn't look the same, once it's settled and has a meal or two I'll have to add photos, it's definitely a cute little thing, and it's got a heart on its head she noticed immediately [emoji23] Attachment 197281

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hypnoctopus 08-12-2020 09:58 PM

Very cute! What are you going to name it? I'm thinking ghost. Those belly checkers are totally brown. The only area that looks like it could be true black is a tiny bit on the head, but all the other "blacks" like dark gray or brown to me.

amx432 08-12-2020 10:02 PM

She named it Raven *apparently because it's so fearless and brave* we brought it home in a thunder storm and it was completely unbothered in the deli cup in her lap meanwhile there was lighting and thunder booming.

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Shiari 08-12-2020 10:43 PM

Definitely a ghost. Pretty little thing.

amx432 10-21-2020 01:59 PM

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After a shedAttachment 197683Attachment 197684

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hypnoctopus 10-21-2020 02:33 PM

Very cute! Glad to see she's doing well.

MysticExotics 10-23-2020 10:43 PM

Very pretty!

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