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Fed Ex Shipping Certification Procedure

(I'm reposting this with tags so hopefully it will be easy for someone to search for in the future!)

1. Applied for account on-line. This involved giving them a credit card number, and them charging me $10. This took less than one day.

2. They gave me the name of my account rep the day I applied. I got through to his voice mail.

3. Account rep called me on my home phone, of course when I wasn't home, but he left his e-mail address and direct phone number. This took a couple days.

4. I e-mailed back, saying who I was, and what I was up to.

5. I looked at the instructions on the Fed Ex site for shipping reptiles, and copied their directions with my test package exactly. I printed out the test package form and sent it off. The person at the test package phone number told me to send it "Charge to recepient" and that there was no account number. The Fed Ex hub thought there should be an account number, but they took it anyway.

Test package form:

6. The test package passed, and the testing center e-mailed me the results. I sent it on Monday, I had the results Friday.

7. I contacted my rep with the results, and he has contacted the legal department, and that is as far as I am. That happened within an hour.

8. Two weeks later, my rep e-mailed me the liability waiver, which I signed and faxed back to him. The liability waiver basically states that they are not responsible for loss for any reason, and that you are not to expect them to be or try to file a claim, and that you must ship Express only and not over a weekend or holiday period.

9. Same day the rep faxed a copy of the packaging report and the waiver to the animal desk. They will then add my name and acct number to the list of
approved shippers.

10. Same day the rep sent a fully executed copy of the
waiver to their legal dept.

11. Same day the rep faxed me a fully executed copy
of the waiver for my records. This one has his signature and info too.

12. Same day, the rep e-mailed me to advise me that the Live Animal Desk had informed him that I was on the approved shipper list. Done!!