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Bubble gum snow ghosts don't exist but of course the problem does.
Yes they do, it's a selectively bred line, link to info: Bubblegum Snow Corn Snake


To irshwitch, I personally am not a fan of waiting. Is there a reptile vet in your area that you can call?

Typically, once you aspirate, you can gently massage the egg down toward the vent. I'm trying to find the video/thread where it shows someone doing it, but it may not be something you feel comfortable with.

You may was to go ahead a aspirate the second egg and give her a small meal. Something half the size of her normal food like a mouse hopper or large fuzzy. If you have some calcium powder, mix up a calcium slurry with water and inject into the rodent before you feed.

There is growing evidence that boosting calcium to laying females can help with passing eggs.