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How are GOLDENS "any" different than Caramels?

I recently offered my Golden collection for sale to pay a tax debt. I ended up selling have of my breeders and held onto the Golden's.

I received several emails asking the question, "How are Golden's any different than Caramels?

This is a fair question, because at first glance they look very similar.

How are Cinders "any" different than Anerys? How are Lavas any different than Hypos?

They are a different gene. They are similar, BUT they look different.

I bred Goldens to Caramels and produced NORMALS. Goldens are the newest Corn Snake gene to be discovered. Goldens are as different from Caramels as Cinders are from Anerys, and Lavas are from Hypos. They are a different gene.

Caramels are perfectly named, they look exactly like caramel candy. They are a brownish/yellow color. Golden's on the other hand are Golden Yellow on a greenish back ground color.

Caramels are brownish. Golden's are greenish. Most Caramels are "Border-less", a gene picked up from Rat Snakes. Golden's have borders and produce Normal offspring the same as the wild caught from the Locality. Borderless Normals produced from Caramels Do NOT exist in the wild.

Caramels are from a Corn Snake that was purchased from a pet store. Golden's were produced from a wild caught snake. Golden's are a locality corn snake just like Hunt Club Okeetees are.

Caramels are from the Corn Snake Gene Pool, and have another unique gene combined with it to produce very Yellow Snakes. I call it Yellow Jacket. Some people call it Yellow Factor. There are several genes in the Corn Snake Gene pool that cause extreme YELLOW.

All Pewters are Yellow Jackets. All Lavenders are Yellow Jackets. Yellow Jacket is the cause of the Phenotype of Pewter, Yellow Jacket is the cause of the Phenotype of Lavender.

We have all seen Dark Pewters and Dark Lavenders without Yellow Jacket. These are the true color of Charcoal Bloodreds and Lavender without the Yellow Jacket gene influence.

Golden's are very different than Caramels from the General Corn Snake Gene Pool. Golden's are perfectly named. They are a Golden Yellow color on a greenish background color. Caramels are brown without the Yellow Jacket gene present.

Golden's are a new Corn Snake gene from a wild caught snake. Golden's can be combined with all previously discovered genes to create NEW Corn Snake Combines.