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Adult corns for sale

l have six adult corns I need to re-home, all eating f/t extra large adult mice with healthy appetites and all very hand tame. They have individual prices on each but if you're interested in them all (which I'd prefer) then make me a reasonable offer. Please note that prices don't include shipping costs. Also I apologize for the cruddy quality in some of these pics, my camera decided to take a dirt nap so most of these are from my phone

Butter Male-hatched 2012 from SMR-$45
(Note that these pics are OLD-he is currently deep in blue so I wanted more accurate representations of his actual color, if you would like updated pics I'd be more than happy to get them as soon as he sheds)

Peppermint Male-hatched 2012 from Walter Smith-$80
He's a teeny bit underweight as he went off feed for a while, but he's eating like a true garbage disposal now. A very pale example of a peppermint and obviously its impossible to get their true colors in photos.

Lavender Female- hatched 2013 from SMR-$60
Very nice pale purples on this girl

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