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Sunday (6/25/17) at Radnor Lake

Went back to the Lake this morning.

Picture 1 - The herd (I count 5 deer) came down to the water's edge for a drink and a splash in the water. I was on the opposite side of the lake and heard the splashing. I estimate I was about 1/4 mile away using the 300mm Lens. I had the camera set to auto focus and auto settings.

Picture 2 - This young female walked right out in front of me. I quickly snapped a picture and she wandered off. The animals are protected as it's a Wildlife Refuge and state park. By law you are not allowed to touch them, harass them, feed them...etc... You can't even pick a flower out here without serious consequences. So the animals "know" it's safe and they will just walk right up to you sometimes as if to rub your nose in it.

Picture 3 - A Blue Herron sunning itself on a partially submerged tree.