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I donít care much for Facebook. There are a few groups on there that you can posts pictures of your snakes and other reptile lovers will give you kudos. Or thumbs ups or whatever.

You gotta be careful what you say there though cause they go nuts if you have any opinions at all. Corn snakes world wide is one the peopleís in scaleless palmetto seem nice and post a lot of neat pictures if your into scaleless.

I donít know about they python groups.

For some people it helped to start the conversation of why snakes. After a few visits some of my more chickenish friends held the smaller ones. I got to talk to them about why I love my corn snakes the most. From decorating their vivs to low maintenance care once everything is set up.

Most fears of snakes you can squash with a conversation. Afraid of getting bit? I guarantee you a dog bite is going to be 10 x worse then a snake bite. They think they are slimy. Thatís not true come check him out. Itís gross that
They kill and eat little mice. Dude you eat baby cows. And I feed frozen thawed so they arenít killing anything just eating a prepared meal and itís only once every other week as an adult snake.

Some people your never going to reach. But I bet you can get your mom on board and some of your better friends.

Good luck with that and try and ignore the ďnoiseĒ you do what makes you happy

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