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I've already encountered similar - and I don't even have a snake yet.

Mother just wants to hear nothing about them. I haven't even discussed with her my plans on getting one soon. Thankfully she (and her husband)only visit for an hour or so once every month or so. But she will get pre-warned the first time and I'll probably find a towel or something to drape over the vivarium whilst she's here.

I should add that I frequently filter the family from my Facebook posts (I post things that they don't need to see/hear about and in the case of one brother don't know about).

I have brought up the idea of owning a snake amongst friends on Facebook. Most haven't commented. One friend has turned out to be a snake owner, I think there are others as well on my friends list. One who was initially very anti snakes has actually warmed a little and asking how/why my wish came about. One non-Facebook friend keeps asking for updates on how it's all going.