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DIY Locking lid on Fish Tank

Ok I am new to this whole snake thing but my son has really wanted one for years. His mom has now given in (yay). I enjoy snakes but do not have any experience. I have read thousands of articles on this site and it has been very helpful. I read all of the recommendations and in the past week we now have completed all of these task: Under Tank Heater on a thermostat, Sculpty Clay III snake hides (son loved that). So far everything is going great. Saiko (named after SC Baseball Player) has eaten. Our current setup is a 10 gallon fish tank. After reading about all of the problems with the screen on top and the cheap clips allowing escapes, I have been thinking of an easy was to improve it. Basically what I am thinking is to sandwich fine metal hardware cloth between 2 sheets of 1/4 inch MDF. The bottom MDF would be cut so that it would just drop into the top and sit on the plastic inside rim. Then Top MDF would be same size as the tank top. Then plain cabinet cam locks could be drilled on 4 corners so that it would catch on the underside of the plastic ledge. I think this would really secure it and be nice and clean. The thickness of the MDF may have to vary to get the correct fit but I think it could work. Since I have received so much education for you guys I just thought I would share my idea.