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not eating, tried everything, suggestions?

as an adult i rescued my male corn snake lars from a bad living situation. this is my first mating season with him. and hes all the typical male snake....allover his tank, trying to get out, very active. and as you guessed refusing food. its not been 67 days without food. he seems happy and healthy, and i know i was told not to worry, but i am haha. hes not losing any significant weight, some, but not an alarming amount. ive tried leaving him with the mouse overnight, ive tried braining, ive tried chicken broth, ive tried about anything i can think of or been given the idea of, to no avail. any other suggestions? im also going to look into getting him a live chick and seeing if that doesnt spark his interest. because me wiggling the mouse at him and everything else ive tried surely didnt work. i figure its worth a shot. and if all this doesnt work, i may just have to stick it out and keep trying on schedule. but is there anything that i should be using in his water to give him extra nutrients? ive read in the forums before about using gatorade in the water of fasting snakes...yay/nay? help!