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OMG yes I love that IJ of yours. That is one gorgeous baby!
Sorry that I missed this message a few months ago. I love, love, love my K2/Eddie male!!
He's one of my absolute favorites, & I really regret not picking up a female from that clutch. I have a request in for a female if
hat pairing gets some again.

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Here is an updated picture of my boy. He's a year old and weighs around 250g already!

Wow! He's looking great!! Mine are in that range as well. Some a little smaller, some (Aedh) bigger.
I picked up a 2013 Granite male from Nick last weekend. He's from the same parents asmy 2012 Granite female, so he's WC outcrossed.
I am SO excited for my future Granite projects!
I need to add more pics, I see.