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Rich Z
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Or maybe they're just internet newbs. Forums were my bread and butter for years. They're still superior to FailBook for archiving information for future use. FB is all about now now now, and when it's past it's gone. It's still there, sure, but good luck finding it!
Well, honestly, that just might be a big part of the problem. Between the Faceborg structure, and the conquest of smart phones over the minds of the population, it really is all about the fleeting NOW and RIGHT HERE of the moment. Why bother to try to remember or find information when you can just ASK whenever you want to from where ever you are at the moment? Why even go through the bother of trying to find something when likely someone can answer your question RIGHT NOW with no more effort on your part other than just asking?

Yeah, perhaps I am now running dinosaur sites, and I am a dinosaur that fits right in with them. To me, the internet is a large screen 4K resolution capable view with 7.1 surround sound and a full sized keyboard that I can use all my fingers on to search for whatever strikes my interest at the time. I only ASK when I just cannot find the answer myself. To me, the shallowness of the pond at Faceborg, and the use of a palm sized device to look at the world through the internet is just not what I am interested in partaking of. The internet through a smart phone is something I might use in a pinch if I am away from home and need some sort of info right now, but even then, I still wouldn't be going to Faceborg for answers. But sitting at home in my den, like I am right now, looking at my large screen, well THAT is the internet to me. If that is what it takes nowadays to be considered a dinosaur, then guilty as charged. And happy to die that way, please and thank you.

And truth be known, if the forum structure such as is here on this site is too complicated for a lot of people now, then so be it. I am not dumbing down my sites to become more "Faceborg-like" to accommodate such people. If that spells the doom of my sites because of my not wanting to change in that manner, then so be it. I've already retired from breeding reptiles, so it certainly wouldn't kill me to retire from running websites on the internet.