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Exclamation A Small Request For A Little Assistance

To the General Membership,

The moderators would greatly appreciate a little help moderating this site. Although we tend to spend a great deal of time on this forum, we simply cannot read every single post in a timely manner. When someone violates one of the site rules, please report it to the mods as soon as possible so that we can take care of the issue. Some of you are very good at reporting posts, but a perfect example of too much time elapsing between the violation of the rules and the report occurred over the past 12+ hours. A non-Contributing member posted a For Sale ad. The violation was observed by another member within minutes of the post and the offending member was informed of the rules. At least two more posts were made repeating the fact that the OP was in violation of the rules over the next 12 hours. It wasn't until then that finally yet another member (that wasn't any of the those involved in the 16 post count thread) reported the post to the mods so we could take care of it.

Thank you for your attention and your future assistance in matters like these.

Susan - Moderator

PS - Rules about frivolous post reporting still stand, just in case one of the Wisenheimers on this site feels they were just given carte blanche to report every little thing that irks them.