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We took Charlie to the vet today. Since I closely examined him a week ago, he started growing another tumor - this one on his midsection, near his heart. The vet said she's nearly certain it's sarcoma, as she had a corn snake that went through the same thing.

Anyway, the vet told us it might be possible to remove his tail tumor, probably amputate the whole tail itself.... but the mass near his heart just wouldn't be operable. And if the sarcoma spread to other parts of his body, radiation probably wouldn't give him much time.

And his tail tumor had gotten worse. It apparently tapped into a vein and just in the past day split open even more with a larger scab.

In the end there wasn't any other decision to make. We had to say goodbye. We just got home and I miss him so much already!

Somewhat reassuringly, my vet also said Charlie was likely very old, and besides having cancer, looked healthy and well-cared for. Doesn't take away the sadness though.