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The ones I am going to be making available fairly soon are:
(I have noted them out in the individual photos)

T6-male Tessera
T8-male Tessera
T10-male Tessera
A14-female(?) Amel (appears to have RF influence)
A20-male Amel
A21-female(?) Amel
A22-male Amel
A24-male Amel
*I've only sexed them once. I will recheck later in the week.

I was planning on feeding today, or tomorrow, but since some are looking like they're going into shed, I might just hold off on feeding for a week. I don't want 26 refused pinkies. LOL

I will be creating a for sale thread on them, but if there are any that you are interested in, email me at, let me know which one(s) you are interested in and we can work out a deal.
For example, I will be offering a free Amel with the purchase of a Tessera.

Unfortunately, this batch of available babies are male heavy, so the first two who purchase a Tessera will get a 1.1 pair (if the sexes are correct **I need to recheck them**)