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Nova C mentioned..

People like to talk a big game, but has anyone ever actually left the country solely because their political party didn't win an election
Indirectly yes.. I was in Canada before the election of 2004 .. If John Kerry would have been elected, I was going to surrender my Green Card and find a way to move the last two members ( who are US Citizens ) up to Canada.. Fortunantly for my family, Bush won the election in 2004, although these last few years GWB has been nothing short of lack lustre.

Obama does not worry me much... I just hope he learned some lessons from JFK and Ronald Regan, as I fear we are going to have a test within the next year.. I hope I am wrong, but it seems likely we are going to have to be on the defense..

Please feel free to reach out and bash the crap out what I had to say.. As someone has pointed out in the past, my ability to articulate myself in words, is painfully weak, its a good thing I only have a Gr 9 education and some Trades school, or I might have taken that as a slap in the face insult when it was brought to my attention...

Oh well, what will be will be..

Regards.. Tim of T and J