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Rich Z
Anolis getting ready for bed

Connie noticed a seed pod remaining from one of the white lilies that we have down near the entrance of our drive way and actually grabbed it (she wanted to disperse the seeds) before noticing that there was a little anole inside, apparently getting ready to bed down for the night. This is likely an excellent place for him, since it is at the end of a long thin stalk, so he probably feels safe from predators there. He just tucks down into one of the sections and feels just as snug as a bug in a rug. So I HAD to go get the camera, hoping he would still be there after being disturbed by us. Luckily, he must have felt that this was way too nice of a sleeping spot to give up on easily just from being disturbed by the thoughtless humans.

These pics were taken with my new Nikon D850 camera with the Nikkor 105mm Micro lens and bracket side mounted flashes.