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She came from Jennifer Holland of Boa Cabana. I said I wanted a female because I've already got 2 males on hold. Her husband asked which breeder and when I said Luke Snell he was like oh I know Luke and he's great!

I did snap a few pix before putting her away. Let's see if any of them look good.
Luke has a great reputation

I've not heard of Jennifer, but I'm not as active in the Morelia world, as I am the Corn world, it's way too tempting to add more when I see more. Haha

Great! I cannot wait to see pics!

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I need to stay away from this thread! I like my small collection but I am constantly tempted by IJ's!
Tell me about it! I'm about to cave on a gorgeous female IJ that a local (OR) girl has. I wasn't planning on anymore IJ's, but this girl breeds for lighter IJ's & they're gorgeous!

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Pretty sure I'm in love. They're beautiful!!!
Wait til you meet one in person. They have the awesome dragon heads & fabulous personalities! So much more interactive than most Corns. You'll be hooked...I bet $ on it!