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Breeding Plans for 2018!

I've thinned down the herd a lot and concentrated mostly on Miamis with a few odds and ends. I have a terrible cold and canceled my plans for the weekend so fingers crossed I can get some pics posted tomorrow. That should be a nice bored/sick activity. Here it goes...

Miami het Hypo Motley x Miami het Hypo Motley 7 eggs 5/12
Aztec Miami het Amel x Miami het Amel Motley 13 eggs 5/12
Miami Tessera Motley het Amel x Thick Bordered Miami M2
High Pink Snow (Coral Ghost X Champagne)x High Pink Snow Classic Bubblegum lineage
Zombie Motley X Zombie Motley
Thick Bordered Miami #3 x Candy Cane het Motley
Miami het Cinder Bloodred x Miami het Bloodred ph Cinder
Miami Tessera x Candy Cane het Motley
Thick Bordered Miami 2012 x 2015 Miami Tessera (Blondie x Tootsie)
Perfect “dotted” Miami Motley x Miami Motley
High Pink Anery (Coral Ghost x Champagne) x High Pink Snow (Coral Ghost x Champagne)
Lava Bloodred ph Anery Stripe x Ice Bloodred ph Stripe
High Pink Snow (Neon x Bubblegum)
Thick Bordered Miami x 2015 Miami Tessera (Blondie x Tootsie)
Lavender Peppermint (Opal Cinder? LOL) Petal x Peppermint Stripe.
Orange Candy Cane Motley x Candy Cane het Motley
Miami Tessera X 2016 Thick Bordered Miami

That's it! Smallest list in years but I am still stressing about how my life will be at the end of July. Thanks for looking!