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I haven't noticed too much difference in my corns. Whenever they see me, they always act like it's dinner time. Could be worse. I just found out how scary it is to have a red-tail boa really pissed at you. I had a temporary brain fart the last time I fed my boas. Thought I was feeding an aggressive feeder when I was really feeding the only one that likes to take his time. When he didn't strike at dinner, I teased him a bit by bumping the rat on his side several times. He didn't like it. I never knew a snake could hiss so loudly and for so long! He kept it up for over an hour! If I came within 3 feet of his cage, it got WORSE and he would strike at me with such force that I was afraid he would injure himself when he hit the cage wall! And all this from a normally VERY docile boa! I'd really hate to get my normally NASTY boa angry at me!