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2017 update

Wow have I ever slacked on updating this guy (or girl?)! He/She is huge now compared to these previous pictures. If I remember correctly, I think we're around 175g, and 22". I see him out much more frequently now, and he's actually started using hides, not just burrowing or laying under the water bowl like he used to. He's also gotten quite a bit darker and has very little white left.

Considering I almost never handle him, he's remarkably tame, and has a better feeding response than even my kingsnake. In fact, I have to feed him in a bare bottom tub because he will immediately start trying to eat the paper towel if I put him on one!!! It's actually pretty funny, and I want to try to get it on video one of these days. Anyway, enough stories, time for pictures!!

Mercury 1 20170522.jpg

Mercury 2 20170522.jpg

Mercury 3 20170522.jpg

Mercury 4 20170522.jpg

Mercury 10 20170522.jpg