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Here's one of the enclosures I've build and it just sits around, its 48"x24"x48", so it's pretty large. My snakes hate it, and are scared of such a big space. I always tell people to put them in a smaller enclosure, and just take them out and let them slither around the floor, bed, exc..., If you think they need to stretch. Fact of the matter is, is that snakes like small warm spaces, they feel safe, simple as that. But if you would like a nice viv to look at and more room for your snake I would suggest one that is short and longer, say 36" long x 20" deep x 18 high. Spider drift wood is nice for them to climb on by the way, lots of anchor points for them to hang on to. "This is just my opinion, from my experience". Hope it helps you in making the best decision for you and your animal.