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i do

i do keep very close eyes on all of the snakes and have a exact database that i enter all the things i notice , feeding shedding and other activities i do with the snake , in .

This lets me see exactly what caused a problem if there is a pronblem that occurs..heheh...see the programmer in me..and it is then easy to predict trends and budget for the food ect ect...

so far all my snakes shed perfectly , except the 2 milks , but they are newborns and it was their first shedding , so i had to help a bit with the tail pieces.

but the humidity does not seem to have an effect on the snakes , aparently the snakes can get lung diseases from too high humidity ....but that i am not sure about..

does anyone have experience with this type of humidity and what happens to the snake at this humidity , case the reason i ask this is wherever i read the humidity ranges from 50-70 , but no one can telll you what happens above ....although everyone knows what happens below..da snake does not shed properly and that can cause majour problems..

happy herping y'all