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Roy Munson
Originally Posted by gardenmum
But, Dean, maybe using the all or everyone would help you out. AND...Ummm....womYn?????
I've never seen it written like that. In a way, it's kind of cool, if unsubtle.

Bill Update: Checked him out a few minutes ago. He has pooped, and it appears normal. I took some pics of him, and the flash got him moving around, and tongue-flicking as usual. The shot where his head is completely sideways, against his body, is how I found him resting. I tried to be objective in evaluating his movement, but I'm pretty sure that I saw maybe a 20-25% increase in range of motion. In a few of the shots you can see that his head is almost level. His neck/head movements are still jerky, as if he's straining against something. I was also worried about his water-bowl access, so I poured a tiny bit of water into a Pringle's lid, and left it for him. When I looked a few minutes later, he was drinking it.

So I don't know where he'll end up, but he seemed genuinely to have been a little better today. Sometimes things are more apparent in photos than they are to the naked eye. With this in mind, I had some anxiety looking at the photos. Except for the head tilt, I'm not seeing anything else unusual in the pics. Hopefully some of the vets, vet techs, and other qualified people around here can tell me if there is something I'm missing. I'd greatly appreciate it.