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Snake room design

I'm in the process of buying a little farm in Pennsylvania. In the basement of the house is a room that is currently cinder block walls, concrete floor, and open ceiling joist. The dimensions of the room are 30'L x 14'W. I plan to make this room my man cave/snake room. How would you finish this room to make it a snake room? Leave the block walls, stud it out and dry wall, indoor/outdoor carpet, laminate flooring, down lights, 4' fluorescent fixtures, etc.... I'm also open to ideas for making the room escape proof or setting it up for hatchling production.

I plan to keep all my corns, 2 kings, and 2 Papuan carpets in this room all on ambient. I'm thinking an oil filled heater or 2 controlled by a herpstat. Since it is below grade and gets limited light from the small windows the lights will also be on a timer. Unfortunately since all 4 walls are block and it's below grade installing a utility sink might not be possible.

This is how I currently have most of my corns and kings on display and will be doing similar.