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Just my 2 cents here, and I already know most of you don't care:

But I am almost 60 years old. I grew up before cell phones became popular. I remember about 25 years ago, almost everybody had a desk top computer at home, or at work (or both) and everyone was a member of some sort of chat room or forum. (I see chat rooms and forums as almost the same).

There is a certain set of rules and etiquette governing such sites, and people today that have never posted on forums before don't understand that.

I use Facebook and I like it. It serves the purposes I have for it. I also use forums, but I understand forums and know what they are.

A lot of folks will see "" and think "Cool, a website for corn snakes and owners" so they come here and join. They post a few posts, go off topic, post in the wrong areas, can't handle criticism, get frustrated, and they move on.

Trust me, you and everyone else here that takes this site seriously are better off "Without" these people. I'd rather be a member of a forum of 15 people that are informed, literate, and capable of operating in a forum, than to be a member of a forum with 27,000 members that act childish, and don't know what they are doing.

As for facebook posts, I see the same thing happening there that I see here. A lot of folks join, post a few posts, and then for whatever reasons you don't see them again. It's not just this site.

The biggest difference I think is: when somebody posts something on facebook, if somebody replies it Pops up on your screen and you see it right away. You don't have to hunt for it. Whereas when somebody posts something here, if somebody replies the original poster can't see it because he/she is too stupid to remember where he/she posted the crap they posted.

Just yesterday for example, a new member posted the exact same crap in 2 different threads. I did my best to help him and gave him what I would consider "Appropriate Sound Advice." He wanted to argue about it and I left him alone after that. My guess is he will leave soon too.