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Karl, If Rich limited the registrations to those who actually post, the membership will drop from over twenty thousand to less than 100. If it were my forum I wouldn't let anyone join until they learned how to use the search function. The same questions are asked by new members over and over, when a simple search will bring up many threads on a topic like proper heat. I keep referring new members to Nanci's member blog, and her care instructions, which answers many of their questions. I still try to help, and I know you do too. I notice on this forum that someone will ask a question, and it may have no replies, but if you finally reply there are experts ready to jump in and claim your advice is incorrect. You can understand why there are members afraid to speak up. I think forums are great for sharing ideas, learning new things, developing new friendships, and keeping up with everything in the world of cornsnakes. I hope this forum can continue along those veins for a long time.