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I've said a few times over the course of my membership here that I hate the political threads. Of course it is easy to say just don't click them. I try not to but sometimes the politics and the animosity sneaks over into other threads. I don't like them because they get too heated, they seldom stay civil and there tends to be a lot af bashing of the opposite party.
Most disturbing to me have been some recent things like discussing the possibility of states seceding from the union and a joke about "a good ol' fashioned lynching" of our president. It's like seeing a side of people that you wish they hadn't chosen to show publicly. Mostly amounting to a lot of belly achin' their candidate lost the election.
I have to agree with Snakemaster on this one, this is a corn snake site and there are plenty of other sites on the web out there that are just for politics. That is how I feel and have felt for a while. However since what I feel doesn't mean anything I am just trying my best not to click them any more. If I see there's a political thread I just try to skip over it and go "next" because when I do read some of the stuff in those threads it is just disturbing. I have just been participating in the forum less often and so have other people i have noticed.